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    Signalling School York 13th June 2016

    They have a luggage room at the training centre you can leave your case in.
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    A career as a signaller

    Grade 4
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    Don't put political messages on the destination display

    Well the RMT are encouraging us to vote leave, so I'm sure the person in question could be well supported!
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    East Midlands Trains Internal Vacancies

    I notice that some internal EMT jobs are advertised on their external careers website. Are all internal vacancies advertised on here? There are less internal vacancies than I'd expect.
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    Signalling School York 13th June 2016

    Better not get a job on the railway then! :wink:
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    Signaller Job - the good bits and the bad?

    A lot of people see signalling as a lone job. However, you spend a lot of time communicating with people, sometimes more than actually 'signalling'. You could be dealing with train drivers, shutters, track workers, other signallers, station staff, the public etc... So being able to work with...
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    Signalling School York 13th June 2016

    Usually finish about lunch time on Friday but this can depend on assessments. You don't need to worry about cost of travel as its all paid for. The hotel is booked for you Sunday night to Friday morning, so if you did choose to stay over the weekend you'd have to arrange your own accommodation...
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    Signalling School York 13th June 2016

    They seem to be running courses every few weeks at the moment. I suppose ultimately it's down to the LOM and how flexible they are if you wanted to go at a certain time. It's usually a few months from submitting the initial application to starting at signalling school anyway.
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    Signalling School York 13th June 2016

    You get to go home every weekend with your travel paid for. Most people travel back to York on Sunday evenings but lessons start at 10am on Monday so you can travel up Monday morning if you live closer. I think if you are close enough you can travel in everyday.
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    Open University

    Hello Has anyone on here ever studied a degree with the OU? I gather part-time study will take 6 years and cost about £16,000. It's clearly a big commitment. Is it worth it? Has anyone here started a new career or progressed due to gaining an OU degree? Would anyone else consider it?
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    Is this due to the Age of the Train?

    I feel that the HSTs run smoother purely for not having the running gear under each carriage.
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    Signaller 'fixed rate salary'

    Grade 3 signaller should be £29,353.
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    Market Harborough Station & Linespeed Improvement

    If you look at an aerial view you can see that the waiting room and toilets at the top of the ramp on platform one were built at an angle for the planned straightening of the track. These were built back in the 70's I think. I also believe there is a loop planned where the existing track and...
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    Signalling Interview Questions

    I think it's the same set questions whether internal or external.
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    Off Track

    Vegetation clearance, maintaining accesses, painting the rails white...
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    Signaller Jobs

    Does anyone know about the "Signaller Scenario Assessment" part of the assessment day? I was sent the Signaller Recruitment Information Booklet and it says prior to the assessment day there is an e-learning programme to complete to enable you to carry out the signaller scenario assessment. I've...
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    What train is this?

    It's a Loram Rail Grinder. Some good information here -
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    Shift Pattern

    Well as S&T I do a mix of early, late and night turns. Usually 7 or 5 shifts then 5 or 4 rest days. P-way is probably going to have an element of on call.
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    Shift Pattern

    Is it as a p-way operative? Most likely average 35 hours a week.
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    Train Drivers - has train driving affected your car driving?

    I've referred to the hard shoulder as the cess before.