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    Operative First Day

    Does anyone know if / what the difference is between an Operative and Trackman post? I've applied for a Trackman post which as far as I can tell seems to have the same job description as Operative posts.
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    Where and How to find a Vacancy?

    For a Cardiff based trainee train driver job would it just be Arriva Wales and possibly Freightliner? Any other companies to keep an eye on?
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    Does any know much about the application / interview process for Trackman posts? Are interviews competency based? If so would they be based on the same core competencies that Signaller interviews are based?
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    Signaller Grade 3

    Nope, the interview which was for Cardiff.
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    Signaller Grade 3

    I got feedback yesterday. Was told that 3 people had 50 out of 50 which is rather exceptional apparently. Sorry to hear that you weren't successful.
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    Signaller Grade 3

    Hey, how did you guys do with the Cardiff jobs? I wasn't successful, I'm rather disappointed but I'm going to keep looking for signaller jobs.
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    NR Signaller medical

    Where are medicals usually carried out? Are there a several locations nationally or is it quite likely that a medical would be carried out locally?
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    Signaller at Cantley

    With signalling that is carried out from Rail Operating Centres, is that ETCS? Which has replaced Absolute Block signalling on a lot of lines, but AB is still in use alongside ETCS? ...or am I way off.
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    Signaller recruitment process

    Hi, one thing I've been wondering... If there are 4 posts advertised, do you know how many people should be short listed for interview? Would it be 20? 5 per post?
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    A career as a signaller

    As far as I know there are 4 posts so I imagine there are quite a few interviews over several days. Any idea how many people approx should be short listed for 4 posts? 20?
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    Signalling school 24th oct

    Hi kentishdweller, any tips for someone that has an interview for a Signaller position coming up next week? I thought I'd ask as I guess you've been interviewed fairly recently. Do you remember what sort of questions you were asked?
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    A career as a signaller

    Hello, do you know if it can take a while to find out if you have been successful at interview with Network Rail? I'm just wondering as I have an interview next week for a post, I have a interview for another job (not Network Rail) the day after so I'm wondering what happens if I'm offered...
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    A career as a signaller

    I passed the assessment, I know there was one particular but that I definitely didn't score too well on though so was hoping I would be able to do the assessment again at some point, 3 years is a long time... Do you know if at this stage whether I got an interview or not would've been purely...
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    A career as a signaller

    I just found out I didn't get an interview for one of the posts I applied for, I'm still hoping that I'll get an interview for the other post but not too positive about that right now. Does anyone know how long you have to wait before you can retake the assessment if you're applying for...
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    A career as a signaller

    I'm really not sure if the box closed, but someone on here said that they were based at St Fagans. I suppose I could drive up there some time and have a look. There were two other posts that I applied for back in April which are based at the Cardiff Central Control Centre. I did the...
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    A career as a signaller

    One of the Signaller posts that looks like it's at quite a quiet signal box but there are 4 posts that they're filling, any idea why they would be filling 4 posts at once? I don't know for sure but I've heard that the jobs are at St Fagan's in Cardiff.
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    Hey, can I ask when you first applied for the post? I'm just wondering how long the process has taken. I've applied for a couple of posts, I applied for the first one in April and another post in June. I did the assessment over 2 months ago so I am eagerly waiting to hear if I have an...
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    Competency interview

    I was wondering about the sort of questions that you would get at an interview for a signaller job. I'm very used to competency based interviews and haven't really ever had to answer questions along the lines of... What do you know about this position? What can you tell me about the...
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    Hello, I had an assessment over a month ago, apart from an email saying that I passed the assessment I haven't heard anything. It says 'Application under consideration for assessment 2' when I log in to the Network Rail' site. Is it fairly usual to not hear anything for so long after an...
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    A career as a signaller

    That worked, thanks!