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    Easiest/hardest franchises to manage?

    Your question is hardly trivial, given the ups and downs we have witnessed over these decades. GWR has a very large eclectic mix of service types and does also have to contend with other TOC and FOC 'interference'. :)
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    New East Midlands Airport Station

    This is part of a long term £2.7 billion plan but where is is it to be constructed and what will happen to the East Midlands Parkway station? Here is a link:
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    The Robin Hood & The Merchant Venturer named train.

    You could be right about that, but in any case, at least it was appropriate when it existed in the 50s (although it used to run through to Weston). What on earth a train to Penzance has to do with Bristol businessmen escapes me. The Society of Merchant Venturers still exists as a Bristolian...
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    Easiest/hardest franchises to manage?

    I would imagine, from a manager's standpoint, the franchise that ends up most in negative news media reports and MP's questions to Parliament, etc. On that basis, it's no contest - Northern.
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    Reading to Paddington record

    It's having hardly any pax on board that makes it possible! :D
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    Dawlish Sea Wall (Section Two) Proposals Unveiled by Network Rail.

    Planning consent or Listed Building consent? Both will need to be applied for.
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    Gateshead's Dunston Staiths damaged in arson attack

    Well, that's the answer then! Make it an amusement pier so that the local yobs have somewhere to go instead of burning it down. Have caretaker flat and restaurant owner accomodation included so that there is humanity present all the time.
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    Incorrectly Translated Station Names

    Funnily enough that was in a sense correct, as the 'strond (sic)' meant the side of the river when the Thames was a lot wider prior to construction of the Embankment. The words are etymologically linked. Shakespeare would have known strand as that we now call the beach. That latter word is...
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    Gateshead's Dunston Staiths damaged in arson attack

    The key to avoiding vandalism is using social control measures. Just as an example, running boat trips from it and having a cafe with live-in proprietors on it, would perhaps be the sort of thing that would help. Can one walk out on to it? If not, make that possible perhaps. I expect there...
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    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    I can't understand why the 143s are being used at all. Looking at the Dawlish webcam, the trains are practically empty so it seems an unnecessary expense to run 4 cars (143 plus 150) when a 153 would do the lot!
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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Affordable individual spray cans? Without those, the bored youth are fairly stymied.
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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Most interesting: Clapham Junction, the sense of a really important railway in the life of the country doing its job. Most nostalgic: Lawrence Hill mid 1950s, time 1634, and the Bristolian powering under the bridge to attack Filton Bank. Most Boring: Havant to Barnham through south coast flat...
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    If BA leaves Gatwick, could this be the end of GTR's 'Gatwick Express' route?

    If BA left Gatwick, watch EasyJet and others make more swift code-sharing deals!
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Thanks to you and Far north 37
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    What is this train 387W that I saw go through Dawlish on the webcam this lunchtime please? It was top'd and tailed. What does Didcot TC stand for and what does St Blazey L I P stand for? Many thanks in advance
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    Did class 91s ever operate at 140mph in passenger service?

    My emphasis. You mean of course London to Edinburgh only, unless Peterborough to Edinburgh pax (as an example) will be expected to change onto an HS2 train at York. Perhaps they will?
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    HS2 construction

    HS2 was supposed to go 'live' in 2026 originally. I am not aware of any particular delays encountered during initial design work, such as withholding funds to design teams, so why now the two year delay?
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    HS2 construction

    Such a person represents about one in 50, from my experience of observing my fellow pax.
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    HS2 construction

    I got Madrid when I followed the Sentinel-hub link. I asked for Water Orton and got that. First a street map came up and then immediately the satellite view came up. I could not see any way in which one could combine the two, as one can with other packages. Moreover there was no KML...
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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    I think that on GWR lines, the first dmus and thereafter 15x was a huge downgrade from Mark 1 or 'old GWR' corridor stock. Hopefully, as turbos take over elsewhere, at least 158s will be more commonly used, for instance, on the Weymouth line.