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    Government considering splitting Northern into North West and North East franchises from March 31

    I haven’t had time to read this entire thread however I can’t see that this idea will do anything to solve Northern’s problems. I base this on the following. As a Northern employee I remember a “Northern 90” performance challenge being set under the old Serco-Abellio franchise. Employees got...
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    First North Western service over Parkside chord

    I can’t give a definitive answer. What I can say is that if it was a Barrow crew all the way to Manchester they didn’t sign Parkside until much more recently. They did sign Atherton and Westhoughton. My guess is that it went via Atherton hence missing Bolton.
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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    I feel Black Combe deserves a mention in this thread. Growing up in South Cumbria I remember hearing that from the summit of Black Combe you can see a village called "Talk on the hill" near Newcastle under Lyme in Staffordshire (c 90 miles). I don't know who saw this or how it was checked...
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    Old Signal Boxes in the UK

    The Cumbrian Coast has been mentioned and I think it would be a great place to visit as it has pretty much every type of signalling. Track Circuit Block Absolute Block Token less Block Electric Key Tokens. There are quite large signalboxes at Carnforth Stn Jnc, Barrow in Furness and Bransty...
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    What’s this trackside sign?

    I believe it is a generic electrical hazard warning sign. In this case it possibly warns of a cable passing under the track or similar hazard. Not 100% certain though.
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    Trivia: Colour-light stop signals with semaphore distants

    Couple of examples at Workington. 1) The distant for Workington Main No2 Signalbox up home/section signal. It is however fixed at caution. This is a semaphore distant on the same post as a semaphore stop signal controlled by Workington Main No3 SB approaching Workington from the North. The...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I've heard on good authority that 1U91 0548 Barrow-Manchester Airport on 01/07 will be a 195.
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    Trivia-How many working distant semaphores left ? .

    Regarding the Cumbrian Coast. Fairly sure these are still the same. I signed the line until a few years ago and these were the distant signals. As requested I haven't included fixed distants even if they are for working Semaphore stop signals and have marked those that are fixed at Caution...