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  1. MoleStation

    Turnpike Stations

    Durham Turnpike was a station north of Chester-le-Street in the early(ish) days of the Stanhope and Tyne railway on the old A1
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    Why was the Bishop Auckland to Durham line closed?

    My infants and junior school was right next to where Brandon Colliery station was. My Dad, who went to the same school when he was a young'un used to explain where everything was regarding the railway and the pits, old streets etc (just like my Grandad did around Consett when I visited)...
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    Why was the Bishop Auckland to Durham line closed?

    Coal. The reason it was built and the reason why it got shut was all because of coal. When that line from Bishop to Relly Mill closed it all co-incides with when the pits along that route closed down. Passengers were never ever the reason for that line, which really went to Sunderland and formed...
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    Coxhoe station

    I could've sworn this site had something about Coxhoe station, and the level crossing on it. Can't find it now for some reason. Soz! http// There's also the Disused Stations site, which does...
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    The oddity of Metrocar 4022

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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Another one..Byker to Manors on the Tyne and Wear Metro. From Byker station, onto the viaduct that spans the Ouseburn Valley. Gateshead to the left in the distance as well as the Tyne bridges. The viaduct then plunges down between the other two Byker bridges either side of you and you keep...
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    The old Tyne Dock BR station

    Brilliant description!
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Durham, for sure. There's been a few times when I've pointed out to tourists to look out the window, as they would've missed the castle and cathedral, and they've always been kind of awed. Also Newcastle, obviously. No other city has kind of approach. Didn't the old LNER arrange the carriages so...
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    Poll: Potential General Election: who are you voting for?

    Hmmmm. Expected reply I suppose
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    Poll: Potential General Election: who are you voting for?

    Did someone say 'Woke'? It's all BS really. I'd love to be so anarchistic to tick the fabled None Of The Above option on the ballot as really, you cannot vote for the Whitehall civil servants that really dictates policy. All those Sir Huffington-Blowers(!) that we never hear of in the papers...
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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    Maybe not the longest line of sight but from a place called Marley Hill on the A692 from Gateshead to Consett if you look one way The Cheviot can be seen, and looking the opposite way the Cleveland Hills can be seen on most days. Speaking of Consett, from Blackpool Tower you can see Consett....
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    NRM gets £18.5 million funding boost

    Ex boss of failed railway infrastructure project gets new directorship
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    Commuter Ferries

    It's been said before but the Shields Ferry is about the best example. A kinda railway still operating a boat. And when it knacks up, which is rare, the rail replacement boat(?) is truly a bugger
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    Antisocial behaviour between Godalming & Guildford

    Out of my brain on the train...! It's just daft kids innit. Need to be put in their place
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    Hidden Gems (stations , viaducts etc)

    King Edward Bridge over the Tyne. Huh? It's extremely unhidden and not that much of a gem, but round the back of it on the Gateshead side, halfway up the very steep bank in the middle of the triangle of lines, is a true hidden gem of architecture and history.
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    Railways that are now roads

    The A692 through Consett is built on the former Stanhope and Tyne railway and the station site.
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    Stops served by National Express/Megabus/ Citylink that have no other buses/coaches stopping at them

    In Newcastle, Megabus drops off/picks up on John Dobson Street, which is a kind of random place in the city.
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    Help finding details of an unusual collision

    Hello! Long time lurker new poster etc. The accident happened at Heaton Station on the Tyneside Electrics. After the Motorman was killed and knocked out of the cab, the train carried on, through Manors Station and eventually derailed near the Keep. I think it might have collided with a freight...