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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    I was thinking with the outgoing IC 225 sets being formed of Class 91 loco + 9 coaches + DVT, then there was potential for 10 car units eventually. Better to have longer trains, rather than more and more shorter formation trains clogging up the finite track capacity of the ECML.
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Is there any likelihood of the 9 car units being extended to 10 car units in the future ? It would provide capacity increase in a similar way to the extended Pendolino stock did on the WCML. It would better match capacity offered on 2 x 5 car sets when so required. I presume the infrastructure...
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Is there any merit in increasing the 2+4 HSTgti to 2+5 like Scotrail intend to do ? The reason such units are relatively expensive to operate must be because the cost is covered by only 4 coaches worth of passengers as opposed to 8 as was originally intended. So spreading the cost across 5...
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    EMR Class 153 Future

    Now a couple of 153s on the Marston Vale line in addition to the 230s would be useful. Allowing the infrequent hourly service to become half hourly. Lock the lavatory and simply advertise those services as not PRM compliant. Same as a replacement bus.
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    If Welwyn - Sevenoaks starts in December that's even fewer services for platform 3 at Blackfriars. I'd have thought this central city location would have warranted a 15 minute interval service during the peak. I'm amazed at the moment it has only the half hourly service to Sevenoaks and that's...
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    4th time and all due to unplanned service disruption. There are other planned 8 car services which I make a specific choice to avoid since they become more crowded than those operated by 12 car units. I would suggest Thameslink have 6 units which should be 12 car rather than 8 and I was...
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    SE appear to depart from platform 4, but Thameslink service to Sevenoaks depart from platform 3. But there is only one train every half hour. You'd think Sevenoaks would have a 15 minute interval service during the peak.
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    I'm on yet another 8 car unit which is operating Brighton to Bedford and will no doubt be rammed leaving London during the peak. When can we expect a follow on order to ensure sufficient core services between Bedford and Brighton are all operated by 12 car units ? And sufficient stabling is...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    But at least these trains created employment in the UK manufacturing industry. Oh wait a minute
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    But I guess that's a no then. Can't be done with all 4 tracks closed.
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    The current timetable has no trains from London to Bedford from 0101 to 0618 on a Sunday. While a 24 hour service does operate Monday to Saturday, the lack of any trains early on a Sunday does mean it can be difficult for night revellers to return from a Saturday night out in London and equally...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    I'm really surprised TPE management believe operating 4 different fleets over such a relatively small franchise is an efficient way to run a TOC. Different maintenance and operating regimes will just add to complexity and cost. And this is so unnecessary. Having different drivers qualified for...
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    Southern to MK Central

    It would be nice if GTR were to make this into a half hourly Gatwick or Three Bridges to MK service under their Thameslink brand, thereby connecting Gatwick and East Croydon south of the Thames with all 3 mainlines north of the Thames. MML, ECML, WCML. 8 car 700/0 would be ideal, with additional...
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    I really do hope EMR fit high quality, comfortable seating on the 360s. The Thameslink 700's are superb units with light and spacious interiors, large bins, rapid acceleration and quality air conditioning. It was the lack of seat back tables, uncomfortable seating and floor level ducting which...
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    3tph on North Downs Line

    I notice top priority for station improvement at Redhill was the need to install a bright yellow railing along the face of the old bay platform located opposite platform 3. As if anybody ever fell off the platform without the bright yellow railing. But I digress. The need to fit the Victoria to...
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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    The Rio services I travelled on went via Sheffield and the Hope valley. Reversing at Sheffield. Sunday service southbound was packed, yet I'm sure there was also a Pendolino in the adjacent platform for Euston. For stations north of Luton, the choice is to travel via London, drive or coach to...
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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    So when are the 360s arriving and Corby electrification complete ?
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    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    Makes you wonder how people found their way onto these trains in BR days.
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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    Maybe they are full length units then. There are usually 3 stabled in the north yard Monday to Friday. I was commenting on their use rather than the importance of their length. I used the Rio service twice to get from Luton to Manchester. Both journeys were well loaded and the availability of...
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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    I suggested using the short HSTs which stable at Cricklewood between the morning and evening peaks to operate a St Pancras to Manchester via Sheffield and return. With new rolling stock and plans to use 2 x 5 car units only in the peak, rather than stabling unwanted units at Cricklewood during...