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    GWR Penzance

    Just to add this existing thread.....if there are any Penzance drivers on the forum or someone with first hand knowledge of GWR recruitment (external qualified ideally) then please PM me. Cheers.
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    Leaving the Police

    If you want to earn some proper dosh, apply to be a driver. The shift work is just as gruelling on the body, but you won't be stood out in the freezing cold arguing with drunken tossp*ts, or enduring enforced overtime. Quit the police over four years ago. Been a qualified driver three years...
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Phoned GWR and they say it isn't. The 'Up' train is shown as running, but the 'Down' train is still shown as 'Q'.
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    There are engineering works in the Taunton area 9th-14th November, with GWR running a two-hourly service via Yeovil instead. I was hoping to travel on the Night Riviera on 10th Nov (southbound) but no tickets are shown as on sale. I can see a 'Q' schedule for the train via Yeovil on that date...
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Thanks for all the recent replies and tips. Hopefully the process of buying tickets will be more painless next time!
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    For my two cents worth I think they have probably over engineered these trains / made the spec too high. The MK3's needed replacing, but if you look at the interior spec of upgraded Night Riviera I think that is more suitable. Toilets and showers in cabins increases maintenance/cleaning costs...
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Tricky one. I'm quite hard line so if someone has deliberately and fraudulantly obtained a discounted ticket I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Thanks I might take you up on that in the future. If when attending a booking office, what codes or special wizardry does the clerk need to input into...
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Its a shame this online facility was withdrawn. I hear what you say about abuse - there's always some people who spoil it for everyone. BUT, if a proper ticket check is conducted before boarding, this should be possible to safeguard against. At the very minimum you should be possession of your...
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    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    To update on this: you can purchase PRV rate Night Riviera tickets over the phone as I have done it recently. As stated above, GWR offer two options: 1. 75% discount off the most expensive Advance-Inclusive package in each type of accommodation (solo or twin) on presentation of a TOC...
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    Mess rooms from hell , places you like.

    I'll second that. Sh*t hole. Pathetic mentalities. I sit on the Vic drivers table just to piss them off.
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    Train waiting outside East Croydon?

    Noted, thanks, I had missed that.
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    Train waiting outside East Croydon?

    Interesting you mention that 40mph crossover at South Croydon. Whenever I've done a non-stop service down the slow at South Croydon over the old 20mph crossover I've always wondered why more use isn't made of that one before the station. It certainly nicks a minute or so off of the journey when...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Zimovane sleeping pills! (no joke) The Mk3's are bad for underfloor noise - I don't know what it is - some auxiliary equipment or other. Last time whatever was under my cabin was vibrating my bunk so much is was like sitting ontop a washing machine on full spin, it actually made me feel sick...
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    Police vs Railway

    See my post on Police v Railway on page 1 of this thread. Can't be bothered to retype!
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I'm very pro-rail, but even I think twice about using the sleeper now (and thats on PRIV rate), unless its somewhere far flung like Fort Bill which is pain to reach using other means. I certainly wouldn't pay the full public fares for whats on offer. The MK3 experience is too hit and miss. The...
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    Leaving early

    Depends on local instructions for the location I would have thought - Eg Clapham Junction and Battersea Park in the 'up' direction, the instruction is to go when ready due to the frequency of services. Perhaps similar applies at WGC? I'm not familiar with that part of the world.
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    ASLEF Subs

    It's a no brainer if you're a driver. Mine is currently £29.98 pcm.
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    Southern timetable changes

    I don't know the definitive reason for the Horsham, but I'll have a stab at two guesses: 1) The Horsham route to Victoria route is not a short journey. It might trim a few minutes off. Those onboard wanting to feed into the Underground can do so at Clapham Junc. Plus Balham passengers already...
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    Joining and splitting trains en route

    You'd be hard pressed to beat Purley for the number of daily attachments/detachments. 4 to 5 attachments and the same number of detachments in the peaks, 2 attachments and detachments per hour off peak. Some days it goes smoothly, others it's a total mess. It only needs one portion to be...
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    Southern Timetable Change 2018

    It's still early days and trying to keep an open mind, but Windmill Bridge doesn't seem much improved, even with TL cancellations: A couple of examples below from this evenings peak, although there are plenty more to choose from!