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    signal boxes in hazardous locations only reachable by crossing railway lines?

    Woodfidley Crossing in New Forest (between Brockenhurst and Beaulieu Road) was very remote. There are some railway cottages there, but no roads anywhere near. I believe it was supplied by a train which was scheduled to stop there for supplies. I believe in Second World War, some sidings were...
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    Yes, one 7-car 345 eliminates 2 x 315 there are still few 7-car units in West (even after lengthening others) The 710s are also entering service on the NE London services I have forgotten details, but isn’t there an end date on the PRM exemptions On 315s
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    Is London becoming a problem again?

    Traffic has increased quite a lot in London Many emergency service vehicles did not turn their sirens on a month ago when roads were empty (just used blue lights, except approaching busy junctions), so is this more ambulances call outs, or more use of sirens
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    Stagecoach Group (General Discussion re Stagecoach buses, Megabus, MagicBus etc)

    My guess is the extra (or reinstated) £14m capital expenditure is buying buses another Operator has cancelled (hence quick delivery) The Guildford-Kingston 715 route has to get newer (or emission upgraded) buses as it enters the expanded London ULEZ from October. It is limited to single decks...
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    Should TfL scrap free travel for Over 60

    Every London Council Tax has a hefty TfL precept added, so if borough paying it is just an accounting split, as ultimately Londoners pay through their Council tax and most adults also pay fares There seems to be some confusion, there is the statutory pension age card and then a 60+ card (which...
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    There is a section (4.1 on page 26) in latest TfL Board papers referring to the 7-car 345s going to be moved from West (which since 18 May is using 9-car) to Shenfield service to replace 315s Therefore appears latest...
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    Is it time to relax the 2m social distancing guideline? (WHO guidance is 1m)

    Now that the R rate is below 1 (and I hear that in London it is probably below 0.3) then it is clear that social distancing is easing unofficially. Yes people still queue for shops, but once inside seem to cut the distance considerably, so decreasing anyway There now seems to be a new fear...
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    The LSWR Meon Valley Line (Alton - Knowle near Fareham) was built with 600 feet (183m) platforms, many stations were double track even though they served a few hamlets Stations were larger than many of the busy LSWR suburban stations
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    The economics of electrification in the age of bi-modes

    The whole life costs are also different. Generally diesel trains tend to be replaced at about 30 years, but electric trains often do 40 years (there are exceptions, and easy to find examples), but if you look over last 50 years, it is a fairly good rule of thumb. Many bi-modes are built with...
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    Confirmation of rolling stock changes at Southeastern, including 707s

    If true, probably a temporary loan, for physical testing (timing between stations, physical check of stepping gap at each platform, any signal or monitor sighting problems). Lot of logic in finding out now if somewhere has a rogue platform where platform edge, or something needs altering etc.
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    Mark 2 carriage types

    Can someone please remind me what the difference was between a mk2 TSO and SO, thanks
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    Reading Green Park Station

    I think you are assuming you need earth embankments, if you can built above existing sloping side, don’t need all the land it would be possible to add a single line as a viaduct (think concrete columns and multi span bridge like part of the Hitchin flyover line). If the line is mainly for...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Fetcham in Surrey (population about 8000) has a railway, but has never had a station (although Bookham and Leatherhead either side have stations).
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    Trivia: least changed timetable.

    Weymouth used to be hourly, the Bournemouth fasts continued as a stopper in diesel days. After 1988 once the line was electrified the semi fast trains were extended to Poole. A few (mainly peak hour trains) continued to Wareham. In the past there were lot more trains on summer weekends
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    Trivia: least changed timetable.

    The Kingston loop has been the same basic service since electrification in January 1916. From Kingston trains every 15 minutes, with extras in peak, so basic timetable is unchanged 104 years Shepperton peak trains used to skip more stations, I have a late 1940s timetable and they ran fast from...
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    Future for London's Rail Fares

    It would also appear that the 60+ and/or freedom pass that is currently anytime will be restricted to stop peak hour travel. I’m sure back in 1970s used to be not before 9:30am (or perhaps 10am) and not between 3:30 and 6pm. At some stage the afternoon restriction was dropped, and in more...
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    Future of Wimbledon depot

    Wimbledon is (in railway terms), not that old. It was built on site of the Durnsford Road power station which had been built for the initial electrification schemes Wimbledon Park is older, and not fully used nowadays as most of its sidings are limited in length (the site is roughly...
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    Paying back the cost of Covid-19

    This is more a function of a badly bodged tax system, where rules varying other rules have been added over the years. I understand the UK tax rules were just 2 books in 1970. Since then so many complications have been added, now apparently takes 9 books (or 11 books if you use same font...
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    Class 345 progress

    Are you saying couldn’t find enough serviceable trains (even though there are loads of 9-car 345s) Not clear to me now that 9car trains have safely case why any 360s need to be used anymore, or is it just an extended transition period
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    Class 345 progress

    I know 6 platforms were built at Heathrow T5 (2 for Piccadilly Line, upto 4 for hex/TfL, but are a pair still unfinished ? If the clash is simply out of use platforms, then it must be possible to fix, if required.