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    Are you an Essential Worker in London? If so, we want to hear from you

    Travelwatch need to be asking Mr Khan why he reduced the tube network to a minimal service and expected these Essential Workers to get across London whilst maintaining the social distancing guidelines laid down by government.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    It might also be cheaper to fly to Islamabad but thats not where the Fort William passengers want to go.
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    Seems to work a North East to South West route, Spotted at Darlington everyday since 21st according to train logger website
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Sorry please forgive me i am a little confused with this post, what service were you on and why were you "kicked out at Edi"
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    Northern franchise to end 1 March 2020 with Operator of Last Resort to take over

    Oh and there is Carlisle, Preston, Lancaster, Blackpool and some may say Crewe as the north west as well (north of Watford anyway). You must have missed the electrification of the Chat moss line then!
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    My Welsh father (from the south) has always called it "Bow-Marris" without the later hyphen, maybe its because he's from the south?
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    (TRIVIA) Most indirect through train

    How about Craven arms to Swansea Most direct route is via the HoW line but that takes apx 3hrs 43 mins Going around via Hereford it's only 2 hrs 37 mins For the journeys i looked at the prices were exactly the same.
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    Be careful if you ever travel on the Manchester Metrolink tram system as you might find that your contactless debit card has been accepted as payment for your journey and not your weekly ticket, TFGM even say that you must remove your card from your wallet thus separating it from other sources...
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    Northern Ireland Railways - Headcodes/Train Numbers

    Tiger shows trains for the next 2 hours including headcodes Select staff view
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    Government considering splitting Northern into North West and North East franchises from March 31

    The current franchise system is supposedly being looked into by the government, hence the time frames that i have put in my post above at post #79 I don't think any new franchises will be awarded before the far end of 2020, with those becoming operational in 2021.
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    Government considering splitting Northern into North West and North East franchises from March 31

    Personally i think that the mayors of Liv and Man will be given joint powers over a reduced North western area, so their area would end at Preston, Blackburn, Rochdale and Stalybridge in the north of the area and with everything south of these areas like Crewe, Chester, and as far as Chinley on...
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    Am i missing something here? The 24th is the 24th but Boxing day is on the 26th What has happened to the day in between...... 25th Christmas day For the sake of argument i consider midnight to be 00:00 so that's 0 Hours & 0 Minutes of the new day, therefore midnight is always the start of the...
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    The 2nd and 3rd trains shown in RTT terminating at Sheffield at 00:20 & 00:30 are departmental trains operated by Colas, these are probably working within station limits over the next day or two or are being positioned ready for a possession nearby. These are short term plan so should run. The...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    1) "the U.K. has the longest standing an highest air passenger taxes anywhere in Europe. Many other european nations have recently, or are about to start charging similarly taxes." That's great as that means we in the UK have been taking climate change seriously, our European partners are now...
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    Trivia: Stations with no scheduled services passing through non-stop

    Every station on the Heart of Wales line
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    Trivia: Just for fun -Rail stations named after body parts.

    Acocks green Berry Brow All of the Birkenhead stations
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    As @marks87 has stated it lets the signaller in the old time box know that the train is complete when it passes their box & track crews will want to see a tail lamp after a train passes, but as you suggest it also provides a visual indicator for following trains. That's why the lamp was placed...
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    "How far can you get on a fiver?" - This Is Money

    WTF if only i had known about this, what a day out for £7.60. I would have consumed that value before leaving the first class lounge.
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    "How far can you get on a fiver?" - This Is Money

    There is a £4.70 fare from Manchester airport to Liverpool Lime st, some 42 miles by train so just over 11 pence per mile imagine offering that as a mileage rate in a car to the people who wrote the article. Uproar i think would be certain they would soon be listing a cars other expenses then.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I happened to be watching Railcam early one morning recently it was either Thurs/Fri last week or Monday this week not sure really as i had just woken up but what i did see on Crewe 2 when the PTZ zoomed in was 10-15 pax disembark at Crewe, i was a bit taken aback as i would have expected 2...