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    C4 Dispatches: Investigation reveals number of 'ghost trains' lying idle in Britain

    Did they get the RMT union to provide the 'balancing' viewpoint as the BBC aways does?
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    C4 Dispatches: Investigation reveals number of 'ghost trains' lying idle in Britain

    "At a time of rising fares and growing passenger dissatisfaction, an investigation has revealed that thousands of unused trains are standing idle in rail sidings and depots across the country. According to industry experts, the unused “ghost trains” worth at least £3bn and containing over...
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    Quality of home broadband vs business broadband

    This speaks volumes about your employer rather than anything else.
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    Quality of home broadband vs business broadband

    Mod - split from this thread ( Yep. The bottom-feeding end of the consumer broadband industry is ruthlessly competitive. Customer support is one way they save costs (no doubt very busy with...
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    Coronavirus: what impact might it have on the railways?

    I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong - but don't franchises usually have a bond specifically for the liability they are carrying with season tickets - to prevent the revenue from them propping them up, but leaving whoever takes over with a huge black-hole?
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    One or two S-bahn or rural lines at a time, with pretty much guaranteed litigation from Deutsche Bahn when they lose one. They're more like operating concession AFAIK let by the passenger-travel organisation, subsidised by state and/or city government.
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    Class 8̶0̶4̶ 810 for East Midlands Railway Construction/Introduction Updates

    Apologies for going OT, do you have any links for a proposed Leicester remodelling? I'm interested to know which services would be using the flyover (EMR or XC?). Try the Network Rail East Midlands Route Study, Page 61...
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    GN Class 717

    The rails, i'd imagine - which will the ground potential for any other exposed metal part of the train. Naturally, this may be some way off actual ground potential measured somewhere else - for instance, a grounding spike near the tracks - but it does't matter as a passenger is never going to...
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    National Grid Frequency

    Where there are two pantograph raised on a train they are on separate units which not don't share a bus-line.
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    National Grid Frequency

    There's a huge difference between lopping load-peaks intra-day and providing providing an alternative source of supply for calm winter days when PV solar and Wind. Pump storage schemes operate for a matter of hours at name-place capacity before the upper reservoir becomes empty. The latter...
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    The Design statement is full of really obvious typos, bad English, and just downright wrong information. Gems like: 'Temporary Storage of Block Train Cars' 'At 10-14 day intervals new rail cars are to be delivered' 'The proposal is to resurrect the storage of 45 rails cars which has again...
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    Britain’s Worst Connected Big Cities By Rail.

    The people of Bradford might want to go someplace else - perhaps for employment. If you count the nearby towns, it's a surprisingly large conurbation.
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    Police at Manchester Piccadilly

    The denizen of this forum are probably not going out a shankin' of a night - and the Police well know this. Those who the Police think might be, will avoid the arch - or simply get singled out for a search on the pretence that the arch beeped.
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    Police at Manchester Piccadilly which point they have reasonable suspicion to carry out a stop and search.
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    Drayton Park depot

    I suspect that the reason that this hasn't happened already is that it would be a substantially expensive and difficult operation. How would significant amounts materials get onto the site? The cutting is quite deep. There does appear to be some kind of access (a lift?) at the end of the...
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    HS2 construction

    The interesting figure is not how much of the project budget is spent but the liabilities for those parts not yet spent. A large number of the construction contracts for Phase 1 are already awarded.
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    Beggars at railway stations

    Enough prosecutions for ticketless travel or begging can escalate to a Criminal Behaviour Order and a ban fro the railway network. Breaching that ban results in significant prison time. The BTP should absolutely be doing this to persistent offenders.
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    Northern City Line not fit for purpose

    The emergency lighting dado has gone from several stations showing several layers of tiles below. There's a particularly ill advised orange and umber scheme visible - the platforms must have been incredibly dark. As with upstairs at Moorgate, they possibly need to remove the layers that have...
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    Class 710 LO

    - TfL are still resistant to implementing any fallback scheme using older alternative rolling stock on the GOBLIN. Other members of the forum have repeated ad nauseum why TfL cannot use older stock on the line: The lack of available stock with bodyside DOO cameras
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    Great Northern 313 Withdrawals

    Nevermind 'faded graffiti' - seen several units in service with graffiti on them that GN hasn't bothered to clean off.