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  1. Johncleesefan

    Any DIs here?

    Thanks for your replies. Yeh I have had loads of route learners and happy to let them drive and me conduct. I appreciate this if different as they’re already qualified it certainly gives a taste. I used to mentor people in my previous job so have experience of people management. I’m laid back in...
  2. Johncleesefan

    Any DIs here?

    Ahh good old solid NTS or common sense as it’s often referred. Cheers
  3. Johncleesefan

    Any DIs here?

    Oh cheers. I’m going to be drawing from many experiences of route conducting and training drivers on new routes which I have done and allowed them to drive. Obviously slightly different as they’re already qualified. Thanks all
  4. Johncleesefan

    Any DIs here?

    Really? Gwr have banned all training for the time being. No cab sharing, rule book requirements still stand as for assessing. Nice one scotraildriver. I have asked management what the process will likely involve and they mentioned a practical workshop so I expect what you describe is what it...
  5. Johncleesefan

    Any DIs here?

    Hi all, I’m a qualified driver of 4 and half years and my depot is advertising DIs expression of interest. I’ve always wanted to become a DI as in previous jobs I used to mentor people and enjoy that. anyway, any advise on what the workshop demonstration might involve? It won’t be for a while...
  6. Johncleesefan

    Applying for Train Driver Job with Criminal Record?

    I might be wrong but don’t application usually ask “within the last 5 years?” Or so
  7. Johncleesefan


    From personal experience I had no issue whatsoever relocating. I lived in exeter when I had my dmi for my job (I actually lived in york when I applied and stated this on the application. The job was nowhere near the 2 but I did a little bit of housing reasesrch, not much, just a little so I had...
  8. Johncleesefan

    How do drivers take toilet breaks?

    I simply buzz the guard up and say I’m using the bog at the next station and not to dispatch til I give thumbs up. Pretty easy
  9. Johncleesefan

    Call me stupid

    You’re stupid! :)
  10. Johncleesefan

    Drivers bags.

    Lunch and coffee supplies most importantly. Torch, company mobile and tablet (access to wons/pons, rule book, maps and traction manuals etc), hi vis, Id and keys, driving licence, various forms inc non multi’s, tempel stick, sunglasses.
  11. Johncleesefan

    Stress of being a Train Driver

    As echoed above, whilst off duty I’m not working or thinking about work. My resources have my mobile (with consent) should they wish to offer overtime, which for me is fine. Generally speaking it’s actually quite a laid back job, (perspective speaking) it’s as stressful as you want it to be...
  12. Johncleesefan

    Any GWR drivers out there...?

    hello. Gwr currently taking qualifieds at most depots due to expansion. Currently in the middle of a steeping up pay rise with the final pay out next April bringing wage up to £63000 approx. 4 day week Sundays outside. Long weekend (5 days off) every 3 weeks. 31 days leave a year. 6 month full...
  13. Johncleesefan

    Any ex bus drivers that passed the MMI???

    I was a bus driver before a train driver too. As above I used mostly bus driving examples to answer the mmi interview. The jobs are so closely related that your examples should be finely in tune with the questions. Best of luck
  14. Johncleesefan

    After Training As a Bus Driver

    Yes they very much will chase you for it. I had countless texts from a collection agency. I even spoke to rmt at the time who said to ignore it. Then an official court summons came through the door and I had to respond. Managed to cap 400 quid off the bill they were changing me by settling it...
  15. Johncleesefan

    Eurostar International Train Driver 2019

    Out of curiosity, is a video interview conducted over, say skype? Or do you video yourself answering pre set questions?
  16. Johncleesefan

    Gwr Penzance

    evening all. Just looking for some information on Penzance depot please. Does anyone work there and can you PM me please. Looking to move and gathering information. Thanks.
  17. Johncleesefan

    Two trackworkers killed near Port Talbot in South Wales (03/07)

    This is so sad. RIP and condolences to those involved and effected.
  18. Johncleesefan

    What happens when a railway person is off work sick?

    I used to love being spare when I was in the starter link at my depot due to the fact I had limited route knowledge so would t be called upon. Nowadays it feels like spare turns don’t exist anymore. Listen to me moaning....
  19. Johncleesefan

    Chasing signals

    Haha yes true.
  20. Johncleesefan

    Chasing signals

    Route knowledge dictates that you can keep a good distance back so as not to be “chasing” signals on any route really. We have many 2 aspect areas and you know when the slow quarry train is in front and to generally reduce speed by 20 mph so as to keep a good distance back. It can be a tricky...