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  1. whoosh

    Real life driving techniques in TSW?

    A couple of Professional Driving Policies as pdf's to keep you going! East Coast Heathrow Express
  2. whoosh

    Driver Only Operation Introduction Under British Rail

    Thanks, I just don't remember 317s being there that early. Huntington's first electric train was a 312, and I can remember 312s at Peterborough, but they were very short lived - probably under a year.
  3. whoosh

    Driver Only Operation Introduction Under British Rail

    Great Northern - Kings Cross/Finsbury Park to Letchworth via Welwyn and Hertford North. This went over to DOO in 1986 I think. Although this cab ride video claims to be from 1985 where it is discussed that training has started that week. Class 317s are mentioned - I didn't think they were on the...
  4. whoosh

    Qualified Drivers Southeastern - All Depots

    No, that's way too far north! London Overground (Arriva Trains London) have though at Watford Junction. Are you thinking of them?
  5. whoosh

    Qualified Drivers Southeastern - All Depots

    Yes, there used to be staff trains for people who lived further out, which were done away with (decisions made by those working office hours!) Then the 'non-residential' status of London termini depots was also done away with, making getting to work a right pain for turns that started or...
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    Becoming a train driver

    Yes, Hitchin sign to Peterborough which Welwyn don't, although they don't sign Nene Sidings or the shunt north of Peterborough anymore. They don't sign 700s though, so very few trips. You used to be able to put in for a transfer as soon as you were productive - although sometimes people got...
  7. whoosh

    Becoming a train driver

    Plenty of ex-RAF, and other armed forces, police (constables and higher up) firefighters, paramedics, and prison officers. There's also insurance salesmen, McDonalds workers, a radio DJ, a carpet fitter, a supermarket manager, someone who worked in a scientific laboratory in Cambridge.... lots...
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    Location and distance for London TOCs

    EMR, St Pancras: There's two links. One is for existing drivers who didn't want to opt into Sundays in the working week, and the other link is for those that did want to opt in, plus everyone else who joins the company from now on. They both have the same jobs dotted around the roster. I don't...
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    Most popular TOC/Depots for driving trains ?

    Fair and accurate, yes. You can't say, "He's a knob," in a reference though, lol!
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    GTR staff benefits

    Yes you have a smart card to touch on the gate reader. It will have a passport style photo of you on it. No limits to how often or far you travel on the GTR network. It will be valid for 'residential' travel (that means to and from work), and 'leisure' travel. Something to bear in mind, is that...
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    Most popular TOC/Depots for driving trains ?

    It's the same in other industries - teaching for example. Teacher goes for a job at another school, Headteacher phones up other Headteacher and asks them what they're like - they can say what they want in a private conversation, but a reference can't have anything negative in it. Imagine my...
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    Would you be able to climb from ground level up into a cab, and vice-versa? Whilst not physically demanding normally, there are times when you might need to do a lot of walking on uneven ballast (not a problem in your case), and climbing up and down from the ground - not a platform. There may...
  13. whoosh

    Thameslink ATO (Automatic Train Operation)

    Route learning for the expanded Thameslink routes started very late in the day. Timetable chaos resulted as trains often didn't have a driver with the requisite route knowledge. The expanded service had by then started up which meant that if too many drivers were released to route learn then...
  14. whoosh

    Most popular TOC/Depots for driving trains ?

    SWR's paydeal takes them to £67k by April 2022 (four year deal starting last year - running late!). However, there is a 'regional allowance' at some depots, and a 'retention allowance' at some depots too. Waterloo and Wimbledon Park end up with almost £72k by the last year with these added on...
  15. whoosh

    Avanti West Coast Trainee Train Driver Euston and Wolverhampton

    TPE is full driver's rate after eight weeks. This is quite rare - most have a trainee salary, then a 'Post Qualified' salary for a year, sometimes two or staged rises over two years. Others are full rate upon passing out. The only other instance of full rate whilst undergoing training I can...
  16. whoosh

    Avanti salaries

    I don't think that Train Managers work a 35 hour week like many other roles in the industry. I think it might be 39 or even 42. I believe they also have quite a large number of minutes unpaid overtime (included in their salary) if booking off is delayed by late running. Hopefully someone else...
  17. whoosh

    Conductor on a spare turn ?

    Generally: Can be allocated an uncovered job with two days notice (due to sickness, annual leave, medical, rules assessment, etc.) that falls within a window of +/- 2 hours (sometimes 3 or more - depends on TOC terms and conditions) of the spare booking on time. If all jobs covered, then sits...
  18. whoosh

    Working your way up?

    At my TOC there is a person who started as a carriage cleaner, became a cleaning supervisor, a trainee driver - then I think it was three years after qualifying went on to become a driver instructor, and is now a Driver Manager. So yes, you can certainly climb the ladder if you want to and have...
  19. whoosh

    Driver Shift Pattern

    Whilst on the subject of Christmas. There are different arrangements at different TOCs for if Christmas Day/Boxing Day falls on a Saturday/Sunday as the 27th/28th can end up being substitute Bank Holidays. Some TOCs get nothing for these - they are a normal day. Others they are bank holidays...
  20. whoosh

    Driver Shift Pattern

    As far as I know, it's only the former Great Eastern part of Greater Anglia, and Crossrail (The Elizabeth) Line, that have some of their annual leave in their roster (they work some five day weeks instead of four and the missing rest day is saved alongside some annual leave to give eight weeks...