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    Last-day line farewells by normal service train

    I travelled on the last train between Addiscombe- Elmers End and Selsdon- Woodside Last down train Tunbridge Wells Central- Eridge and penultimate up train West Croydon-Wimbledon via Mitcham Broad Street- Dalston Junction On London Underground.... last trains between Epping- Ongar, Shoreditch...
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    Closed Stations Journey quiz

    I have amended the Wikipedia entry accordingly
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    TRIVIA: Reopened lines and stations that were shut for the shortest length of time

    The Bluebell line was originally closed by BR on 28 May 1955 and reopened 7 August 1956 closed finally on 17 March 1958 Reopened as a heritage railway between Sheffield Park and Bluebell Halt (South of Horsted Keynes) in August 1960.
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    What's the longest train ride you've had?

    Toronto to Vancouver - three and half DAYS including a 8 hour delay somewhere in the Rockies whilst a broken rail was replaced.
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    Trivia: Locations that are significantly quicker to travel between by train than other methods

    A bridge has been installed but only for pedestrians and cyclists.
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    What new railway stations (not heritage) are due to open in 2020

    When is Inverness Airport (Dalcross) planned to open..?
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    Spa Valley Railway Diesel Gala

    The recent fatal incident at Balham is still on many peoples mind and obviously everyone must be particularly careful when leaning out of window ignoring warning signs that "Do not lean out of the window". The Spa Valley Railway is the only Heritage Railway in the country that runs for a...
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    New stations on existing heritage railway lines that could be built and reopened.

    On a recent trip on Welsh Highland Railway I noticed that a platform has been built at Pen-y-mount Junction on the WHR but trains do not stop there. As regards closed stations on Heritage Railways then I will mention Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch which has Prince of Wales Halt, Burmarsh Road (used...
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    Closed Stations Journey quiz

    Thanks Derek for pointing this out. I have amended the Wikipedia article on Ninewells station to read--- open 1864 closed 1865 to agree with the two other sources. If anyone else finds errors in Wikipedia then please let me know as I have access to make minor amendments.
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    Closed Stations Journey quiz

    It is mentioned in "Private and Untimetabled Stations" by G.Croughton opened 1884 closed by June 1911
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    Disused Railways That Have The Fewest Remains

    Without a precise location but in my opinion it is the remains of the Canterbury & Whitstable Line. The realigned route of the A299 cut across the trackbed which is about three quarters of a mile (1km) west of Chestfield Road Tunnel. South of the A299 there is a substantial embankment and...
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    Closed Stations Journey quiz

    There were two stations at Witney. The first station became the goods station when the second station was opened on the extension to Fairford
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    Flatmate PFd/fined for sitting in declassified First Class

    Some while ago a friend did a similar journey from Slade Green to Charing Cross and agreed with the ticket inspector that there is no first class fare available so standard class tickets are valid. In your case I would be surprised if any further action was taken.
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    Which heritage railway has been running diesels the longest?

    The Talyllyn Railway ran diesels soon after they opened in 1950 and the Ffestiniog Railway ran diesels in their early days in the mid 1950s.
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    TRIVIA: Heritage railways that run trains on NR lines

    Spa Valley Railway runs on NR metals between Birchden Jn and Eridge. I will state that it is a separate parallel line with line used by "Southern " services. Chinnor and Princes Risborough railway runs into its separate Princes Risborough station over NR metals which (I believe )are still used...
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    Disused Railways That Have The Fewest Remains

    Kemp Town branch in Brighton finally closed completely in 1971 and there are virtually no remains. The short branch traversed a now demolished viaduct and a tunnel which has been infilled at its north end. The south end of the tunnel now forms part of an industrial estate which covers the site...
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    Retired staff travel card...

    I have been retired since 1999 and have not paid any tax on my free travel boxes. When I was working I never paid any tax for any concessionary travel facilities although it may have changed?
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    Disused Railways That Have The Fewest Remains

    I would suggest in London- Ravenscourt Park- Kensington Olympia (the viaduct at Hammersmith is the only identifiable remains. Lewisham Road- Greenwich Park. Only remains is a short section of embankment adjacent to St Johns station. A few bridge parapets walls remain on the branch which only the...
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    Disused Railways That Have The Fewest Remains

    Wrong- . At low tide the route can be clearly identified as most of the stone blocks supporting the rails are still in situ.