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    Change of ticket route excess (involving a change of ticket type)

    I wondered if anyone could shed light on my confusion Bath Spa to Manchester is the journey I would be making, outward journey on a Friday afternoon/evening (d1836 a2157) Then returning on the Monday morning following this. I'd like to make the outward via Bristol as it's quicker, but if...
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    What unit today Warrington Central-Manchester P 0602

    Hi All, could someone please tell me what unit formed the service from Warrington Central to Manchester Piccadilly leaving at 0602 Today (2H40 I believe) Thanks
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    Italy-Manchester the long way round

    I'm planning my return from Italy in the summer, and was wondering if anyone can suggest any different ticketing ways that could save me money. Still not entirely familiar with the oddities of the European system. I have planned: Day 1 Perugia - Bolzano/Bozen changing at Bologna Centrale...
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    Overdistance Excess?

    Hi All, Just wondering if I am correct in this scenario... I travelled from Bath Spa to Burnham-on-Sea on an Off Peak Day Return with my Y-P card, paying £7.45. During the day, I made my own way to Highbridge and Burnham station, to then return to Bath. I was sold a ticket from Highbridge to...
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    Spain's answer to "The Railways: Keeping Britain on Track" (Youtube video)

    Came across this video on RENFE's youtube channel, originally a RTVE documentary. YBWBChCRzfk Quite a good video covering a lot of aspects of the Spanish railway system in an hour. Unfortunately it's only in Spanish without subtitles and they do speak quite fast so not really accessible to...
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    Advance tickets to London International

    Hi All, Earlier today I went to Manchester Piccadilly to buy an advance ticket to London International for the 27th of June, with my 16-25 Railcard. However, I was told that I cannot buy a cheaper advance ticket to London International; I could either buy a flexible single for around £25 to...
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    Announcements missing the first words at Deansgate and Manchester Oxford Road

    On my travels this weekend, I noted that the PIS at Deansgate and Manchester Oxford Road had a bit of trouble saying the first few words of each announcement. (Or atleast I think so) Eg "Five for the 1344 Northern service to Liverpool Lime Street" "Safety and comfort, smoking is not permitted...
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    London CIV Tickets - Virgin Railcard Easement?

    (Feel free to move this to the International thread if needed I'm looking at going on the Eurostar this summer. The E* tickets for my outbound have come out (around the 27th of June) but still waiting on the return to be released (first weekend in August) I'll probably be better buying a E*...
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    Break of Journey permitted?

    Hi, What would be the best tickets to buy for the following series of journeys: Bath Spa (BTH)-Oxford (OXF) - Saturday 26th Jan- early afternoon Oxford-Manchester (MAN) - Sunday 27th Jan- Morning Manchester-Bath Spa - Sunday 3rd Feb - Evening (arrive back to Bath before 2300) I have a Young...
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    Bath Spa-Manchester

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions to a journey I will be making. I'm travelling from Bath Spa to Manchester on the 26th of March, and was looking to see if there are any routes other than the ordinary via Bristol and Birmingham or via Newport and the Welsh Marches I could...
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    Manchester-Bath tickets

    Hi all, Will be starting at the University of Bath next week, and was wanting to collect some tips anyone may have in finding cheap tickets back to Manchester. Most likely journeys will be northbound on a friday evening/saturday morning, and southbound on a sunday evening. Have looked at via...
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    Manchester-London alternative routes

    Hi all, Going to London in a couple of weeks for the Paralympics - the session is 1000 till 1340, so will probably end up on the 0555 from Manchester Piccadilly to Euston, buying an Off Peak Return since I have a young person's railcard. Coming home, with the session finishing fairly early in...
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    Bath Station Assistants

    Hi all, Noticed on the two visits I have made to Bath that the staff around the ticket office had flags on their name badges, prosumably to indicate which languages they speak. Does anyone know if these people are picked on their multi-lingual capabilities? Reason I am asking is that I am...
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    Trafford Park

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could shed any light onto this subject matter. Why can trains only stop at Trafford Park (on the Manchester to Liverpool Lime Street via Warrington Central line) so infrequently?! Thats what the question boils down to, but what I don't understand is how there...
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    family railcard

    Hi, wondering if anyone could advise. Am.travelling down from Manchester to.Gatwick and have realised our tickets don't have the family railcard added on (not my fault!) There are 4 adults and 4 children so it'd be a significant saving. They are off peak return tickets, so wondering if there is...
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    Reservation Coach * Seat ***

    Hi all, Off to Bath again, going from Mancheter via Newport to save myself £65 rather than via Bristol. 8th of Feb, leaving Manchester Piccadilly at 0630. My tickets came through the post and For the Arriva Trains Wales part of the journey, I'm in Coach * and Seat ***. What's going on?! Am on...
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    Warrington Bank Quay problems

    Hi, have been reading on National Rail that the London-Glasgow services are being diverted vía Manchester. Just curious as to how they're doing that - are the Pendolinos being hauled through to Preston or are they just terminating at Manchester to chuck people onto TPE? Thanks
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    Cambridge to Manchester: FCC Complimentary tickets

    Hi all, Just wondering what the situation is here.. I am going down to Cambridge for an interview at the uni, and am travelling down on the Wednesday night. From Trafford park at 1720 then via London. I'm just buying a ticket to Euston to use one of my FCC Complimentary tickets that I got...
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    My Train Blog.. Not meant to be a factual piece, just a light hearted piece about travelling on FGW. Enjoy.
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    Advance ticket connections in Warrington and London

    Hi all, Hope someone can help me. I have bought advance tickets for what seems like a round britain trip, and some aspects are worrying me a little. First one is the journey from Trafford Park to Cambridge, via London. I am getting the train from TRA to WAC then to walk to WBQ. I have 30...