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    Paris-Venice sleeper

    I've been on the Thello service to Rome in 2013. It did the job, but was nothing glamorous in the couchettes. If you're going in the couchettes, I'd say it's well worth the extra for a 4 berth rather than 6 as it will be less cramped. It has everything you need for a night's sleep and not much...
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    Bristol Independents-and Wessex Connect

    Bit more honest than me there! I tend to avoid conversation with most of them to save delaying them more than they already are!
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    Bristol Independents-and Wessex Connect

    I have the misfortune to use Wessex's Uniconnect service (U18/U10/X18) on a daily basis. They're not the most reliable, but get you there in the end. It's only a short route, and you don't see much scenery thought the 12% hill does provide an experience if we're unlucky with an underpowered bus.
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    What would railways be like today if privatisation had not occurred?

    Despite the Italian system still being nationalised (mostly) their fare system isn't exactly easy. A journey involving Regionale and either Intercity/Le Frecce will involve two tickets, and in my limited experience if they weren't booked separately you wouldn't benefit from the cheaper prices...
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    Change of ticket route excess (involving a change of ticket type)

    Thanks everyone. It's starting to make sense now. Can I just check, say I do get the Off-Peak return, could the 0-excess for the return part be done once the outward part has been used?
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    Change of ticket route excess (involving a change of ticket type)

    Thanks for this. I'd had a look at the other article, but if buying the Anytime via Hereford Return from Bath Spa, I'd want the Outward portion excessing to the Off peak - is this possible!? --- old post above --- --- new post below --- It's what I have thought, though in my experience...
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    Change of ticket route excess (involving a change of ticket type)

    I wondered if anyone could shed light on my confusion Bath Spa to Manchester is the journey I would be making, outward journey on a Friday afternoon/evening (d1836 a2157) Then returning on the Monday morning following this. I'd like to make the outward via Bristol as it's quicker, but if...
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    Wessex Red (Bristol) - time to take action?

    Confirmed. Though it seems to be getting a but better. However, any improvement is an improvement. Although, we haven't started on semester 2 yet....
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    Peak easement and 16-25 Railcard use question

    However if you do this journey in July or August, then do use your railcard, as the 'before 10am minimum fare' rule doesn't apply. (Not that it's related to the easement, but just saying so the OP knows!)
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    What unit today Warrington Central-Manchester P 0602

    Hi All, could someone please tell me what unit formed the service from Warrington Central to Manchester Piccadilly leaving at 0602 Today (2H40 I believe) Thanks
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    1st Class complimentaries on South West Trains

    Yeah I know but I was thinking at a London terminus, where you can quite easily pay £2.50 for an Americano of decent volume...
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    1st Class complimentaries on South West Trains

    I've done Bath Spa-Clapham Junction on a 159 in First class before, on a weekend. Nothing free, but I feel that the extra couple of quid that I paid was worth it to have a table to myself, a comfortable seat and a plug socket. Admittedly, Standard looked nice too, so wouldn't be too bad...
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    Why do EMUs have bells and DMUs have buzzers?

    Isn't the bell thing more of a 3rd rail area tradition, than an EMU thing? I remember reading something about that before.
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    Rumour: New cycle policy?

    I've reserved bike spaces on TPE before and there's never been a ticket there saying it's reserved for me. FGW however, they did do that surprisingly enough. The annoying thing about compulsory bike reservations is the reduction in flexibility where one has the luxury of choosing one's train...
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    ATW Class 153 Diagrams

    When I did the 1316 Swansea to Shrewsbury last October it was a 150/2. Not sure if it was normal at the time...though can't see why they'd have a 150 scheduled in the winter and a 153 in summer..?
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    East Coast IEP Electric Option

    I agree, and I'm surprised that TRAXX hasn't been more popular given the desire on here for more loco-hauled trains. Though I guess it's loco for loco in this case...but still!
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    FGW driver injured as window hit

    Could this be something to do with the 1336 service to Cardiff Central I saw at Bath Spa yesterday with a 2 carriage 150 attached to the front of a 3 car 158? Didn't catch either unit number though...
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    Arriva Trains Wales Diagram Anomaly

    When you witnessed 1D91 what type of train was it? I know Realtimetrains isn't dependable for train type but I'd like to hope that it wasn't a 150 from Swansea...
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    Beautiful Graphic Symbols That Represent UK’s Major Metro Stations

    Isn't the little M thing still at Piccadilly on the sign above the door, that you can just make out in that picture?