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    first Kernow

    Off topic a bit but, Portesham hill is even steeper, if not as long, but has some nasty bends, must be interesting when that is used as the diversion route to the A35. I still remember meeting one of the X53 deckers on that hill that had broken down, and having to overtake it on what is a...
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    Wabtec to overhaul 40 class 158 units for Angel trains

    Yes it's possible to sort out the air-con reliability relatively easily, replace the original air-con system with the Liebherr system in the SWT (an others) units. The issue primarily with the original air-con units was that they were designed to use CFC's which were banned during? the build of...
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    Donald Trump discussion

    OT Though, of course, he can't hide the finances of his Scottish golf course from us, and financially it don't look so rosy. Yes he doesn't technically run it anymore but the rot didn't start when his son took over! Everything's great, everyone...
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    Fastest double decker?

    As for noise, going up the Verne on Portland in one of the Sureline Plaxton Beavers (at least I believe that's what they were), seemed to be in 1st gear most of the time to be able to get up the hills, so hitting revs a lot of the time. Never been in a vehicle so noisy!
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    Yes, hit them where it really hurts, their pockets. Frankly if employees are not given the protective equipment needed to stay safe at work then they shouldn't be working, I imagine the HSE would be very interested if people aren't being properly protected at work from coronavirus.
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    More updates from First in Dorset, correct as of Sunday the 5th of May 1, Portland to Weymouth, busses running at 30min intervals with the first bus to Portland being the...
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    Now Playing....

    A few live streamed concerts, 1 new and two a few years old. Scooter, I WANT YOU TO STREAM!, live. iamamiwhoami; IN CONCERT iamamiwhoami; CONCERT IN BLUE
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    Sit coms/dramas etc that could be rerun in the next few months?

    yes the new HGNFY was certinaly interesting, naturally lost a bit of humor due to the lack of audience but it was still a good watch. Though just imagine what would have been required to do the same thing about 20 years ago, certinaly more than a camera, a pc and an internet connection!
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    A National Government for the Coronavirus crisis and its aftermath?

    It's the Brexit ferry scandal all over again!
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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    Yes, short trips did the battery in on my grans focus, she was probably only doing ~5-10mi a week, remember not only is it the starting load that takes energy out of the battery that has to then be replaced when the car is running, other bits on the car will be powered up as well (primarily...
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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    Agreed, I live within 1 minute of Chesil Beach and so can go on a very nice walk without going that far. Esp. with the weather being excellent at the moment. Add to that having a recently opened Lidl down here now I can take a nice walk along the harbour/quay to do my shopping, which takes...
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    Furloughed / Self Employed Workers Discussion

    I worked my last day for the foreseeable on Thursday, disinfecting, removing rubbish and removing linen from caravans at work, the last guests having left the previous Friday. Luckily the company has some spare cash (70mil iirc) to pay us our contracted hours for the moment so even if government...
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    One week in, how's it for you?

    Well I did my last day of work for the foreseeable on Thursday, disinfecting caravans before shutting them up, weird to see vans being drained down within a month or so of reconnecting them! On Monday it was going to be a case of coming in on my normal days and doing anything that was needed but...
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    When this is all over....

    Taking my 2 year old nephew to work to go swimming, something he absolutely loves. Oh and finally getting to take him to Paulton's Park after the last attempt to do so got disrupted by one of the storms.
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    Sit coms/dramas etc that could be rerun in the next few months?

    Good old Blackadder of course, here's the Comic Relief sketch where Stephen Fry plays an excellent "Prince Charles".
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    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    As for the fastcats/Condor, yes they left Weymouth iirc twice, once in the late 90's and for approximately one year in the 2010's due to damages to the harbour wall at Weymouth (really should have properly beefed up the mooring/harbour at that point preparing for the chance that condor purchase...
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    What is your earliest memory of travelling on a train?

    Going from Crewkerne to Honiton with my Grandparents, would have been early to mid 90's travelling on a NSE 159 (although, of course, only NSE operated the 159 variant of the express sprinter). I remember it primarily because I got invited to go in to the cab and got to toot the horn!
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    Ofcom list of tips for getting the most out of your internet connection

    Yes I use 5Ghz wireless at home, mainly because I have a wireless AC router and so if need to transfer stuff around the network it is a fair bit faster, plus my laptop does not have built in ethernet, though I do have a 10/100 (FE) dongle for use as needed. One thing to point out about 5Ghz...
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    For those who want to listen to the aforementioned Radio Solent Telephone call someone has uploaded it to YouTube. ABSOLUTLEY MADDENING! :{
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    Ofcom list of tips for getting the most out of your internet connection

    To expand on the microwave point, microwaves generally (in the UK at least) at ~2450Mhz which is in the range of B/G/N WiFi (and Bluetooth), plus run at hundreds of watts not the milliwatts WiFi runs at and as such any can wipe out WiFi for any devices close by, my Grans one certinaly does this...