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  1. SWTH

    ATW HR - Any way of speaking to a human?

    Over the last few years i've applied to ATW for a number of guards & trainee driver roles. Every single time I've been knocked back at the initial sift, with the usual 'unfortunately we cannot offer feedback at this stage...' I've tried changing various details, changing my address, creating a...
  2. SWTH

    Midland Red East Lancs EL2000 - How Many Left?

    I'm trying to trace the former Midland Red North Leyland Tigers that were rebodied with East Lancs EL2000 bodies in the early '90s. So far the list reads like this: Leyland Tiger DP49F East Lancashire Coach Builders 2000 1710 TPC 101X - Scrapped 2005 Leyland Tiger B51F East Lancashire Coach...
  3. SWTH

    Blood Pressure?

    Had my medical for FGW (Conductor) today, seems there may be an issue with my blood pressure. It's not massively high, but it's above average and the nurse hasn't passed me, instead I've been asked to speak to my doctor about it (booked in tomorrow to be checked). I've never had issues...
  4. SWTH

    FGW Conductor Medical?

    I'm going for a medical later in the month with FGW (Conductor), just wondered if anyone here can give me an idea as to what to expect? The last medical I had was for PCV/LGV a few months ago which I passed no problem, I would imagine it'll be something similar? Are there any eyesight...
  5. SWTH

    FirstGroup Trainee Driver Requirements - Height?

    Taken from the advert on the First Group Careers site: Why would height be a safety requirement? I'm 6' 6" so I can't apply to First as a trainee driver yet other TOCs don't seem to have this limit?
  6. SWTH

    Truro - Westbury

    Hi, i'm in need of a little assistance. I need to go from Truro to Westbury (Wilts) on Friday 7th Feb, arriving no later than 1015. I am unsure as to my return time; it will most likely be after 1330. I could consider breaking my journey to Westbury overnight, depending on where and when...
  7. SWTH

    FGW Assessment/Interview Proceedure?

    Next Wednesday I have an interview with FGW for a trainee conductor position. Going by the 4-stage process outlined in the initial email after I applied, Stage 2 is assessment/interview. Are the assessments done at a later date or on the same day normally? I did have an assessment/interview...
  8. SWTH

    FGW/SHL Online Assessment - Anything I should know beforehand?

    Got an email today inviting me to take an online assessment for a conductor's position with FGW. Done some reading up on here, but is there anything I need to know beforehand? Do you get a practice test? What sort of tests are they? Roughly how long should be allowed to complete them...
  9. SWTH

    Anyone worked for Arriva At Seat Catering?

    Looking on Arriva's careers site there are vacancies for Catering Stewards, whilst I'm aware the pay isn't the best and the employment conditions are different, are they any good to work for? I'm looking at it as a foot in the door, so to speak. The pay is £7.28ph plus commission - anybody...