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    Northern ticket vending machines - covert cameras.

    Interesting. Is the video element just a bit gimmicky though? Apart from lip–reading passengers, I don't see the advantage over just an audio link.
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    DfT advise TOCs that full timetable is to be restored on 6 July

    Helping with hygiene - Making it easier to mash your hands. The last two Northern units, both class 150s, that I used the toilets on, had water in the sink taps but the automatic soap dispensers and hand driers were broken. Good job I had a bottle of hand sanitizer on me.
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    DfT advise TOCs that full timetable is to be restored on 6 July

    Agreed. I've been regularly using the Ormskirk-Preston and Kirkby-Wigan lines to get to and from work during the Covid crisis. I've also had reason to travel on the Cumbrian Coast line on one occasion. The trains have been lightly loaded with less than 10 passengers on board, but I don't think...
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    In South Yorkshire there a a number of services that were suspended during Covid that will not be reintroduced: Barnsley 93a, X2, X20 Doncaster 14, 70, 86, 86a, X6, X20 Rotherham X2, X6, X7 Sheffield 51a, X6, X7
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    Northern ticket vending machines - covert cameras.

    Not sure if this has been discussed before. Using a recently installed Northern TVM, I noticed that it has what appears to be a pair of cameras installed. The lenses are visible behind the two small square windows, above the credit card keypad. One of the lenses is looking straight forwards and...
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    National Routeing Guide update

    Shhhh. I wonder if the person who made this change has been spending the entire lockdown compiling a separate list of thousands of fares to just Pontfract Baghill?
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    Transdev Blazefield

    The B3 not running on weekdays is because the A6033 will be closed for roadworks for at least 6 weeks from July 6th.
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    British Rail Telephone Enquiries - the lost tapes

    Bit of an obscure one here - Techmoan has some lost audio tapes from the British Rail Telephone Enquiry Bureau.
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    Northern customer service

    I can't comment on Northern's customer service, but I agree that the automated announcements on Class 195s are way to loud, frequent and lengthy. Trying to listen to a podcast or audiobook is impossible while they are going on and I find myself putting my hands over my ears to drown them out...
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    Journey planners suggest unnecessary double-back when changing trains

    Why do journey planners sometimes suggest an unnecessary double-back when changing trains? This has happened to me twice recently: Waterloo Merseyside to Ormskirk - change at Moorfields rather than Sandhills, and Barrow in Furness to Skipton - change at Lancaster rather than Carnforth. One...
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    DfT advise TOCs that full timetable is to be restored on 6 July

    The people of Brigg would be very happy with a Saturday service, Mondays to Fridays!
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    Integrated transport - bus routes that should be integrated with the rail network. One of he infamous "Humberlink not bus" fares, that doesn't include the bus journey in the middle - you have to pay extra for that. A prime example of UK non-integrated transport!
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    Integrated transport - bus routes that should be integrated with the rail network.

    The thread on the UK's inability to do integrated transport has got me thinking. Which bus routes could be sensibly integrated into the current rail network? That would involve the bus link being added to railway timetables, put into the Routeing Guide and rail tickets accepted on the bus. I'm...
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    What COVID-inspired changes should the transport operators retain once things are fully back to normal?

    In Merseyside, when Merseyrail's service was severely reduced, rail tickets were accepted on the buses. This is something I'd like to see reintroduced and extended nationally. I'd like to see strategic bus routes, covering gaps in the rail network, included in the rail timetable and routeing...
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    Last Gas Lit Stations on BR

    Berney Arms station still had its single oil lamp in the early 1990s.
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    Coronavirus precautions: Has the world gone mad?

    From an infection control point of view, I'd have just closed off one of the urinals. The cubicles are isolated from one another and are completely safe. Urinals 2m apart are safer than cubicles as they are completely no touch. Good job they've put plastic bags on the urinals: I imagine that...
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    Coronavirus precautions: Has the world gone mad?

    Certain parts of the NHS that essentially govern themselves are run as a job protection/creation scheme.
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    Coronavirus precautions: Has the world gone mad?

    If they did have, do you think that they'd necessarily own up to the fact?
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    Coronavirus precautions: Has the world gone mad?

    There is an epidemic. We must do something. This is something. Therefore we must do this. That's the kind of mentality we are dealing with. Also, more importantly: we must be seen to be doing something. I've had so many emails from companies explaining what they are doing to keep colleagues...
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    Face coverings compulsory on public transport in England from 15 June

    My experience travelling on Northern is that since Guards have remained in the back cab because of Covid, low level antisocial behaviour by passengers, and I suspect ticketless travel, have increased. As for compulsory face masks, I'm reluctantly for them, especially after an incident last week...