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    Trivia: Closest stations to each other as the crow flies

    On the London Underground there are Queensway and Bayswater, just around the corner from each other, despite how the map shows them. There are also the 2 Hackney Stations connected by a footpath (Hackney Central and Hackney Downs) and also on the Overground we have Forest Gate on the Shenfield...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    According to a post on the TPE facebook page yesterday the last unit - 802811? has been released from Eastleigh and all sets are now in full livery.
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    Train Database 2020

    Just had quick look at the sheet and its looking good. Perhaps it deserves its own forum? Pin the link to the sheet at the top of the forum like the frequently requested diagrams and then all the updates can appear in the same forum. People could then always access it easily without it being...
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    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    Thank you for the extra info - much appreciated. Any idea why they were heading to Long Marston?
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    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    A set of about 8 Mark 3 coaches were moved today from the Mid Norfolk Railway to Long Marston on this path: power was a pair of class 37s (unidentified but 1 was in DRS livery and the other in large logo blue). Seen and heard in...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    I was under the impression that the new Avanti AT300s were replacing the 221 units. Some of these run/ran daily on Euston to Glasgow/Edinburgh services, so some AT300s will surely need to run north of Preston.
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    Has a train ever crashed into itself in the history of railways?

    I seem to remember another accident on the Cowlairs incline out of Glasgow Queen Street in the 1980s when the loco at the buffer stops used to bank the departing train up the incline without being coupled. On this day the train departed with a class 27 I think and 40101 which had brought the...
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    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    Long while ago now but I used to commute from Nuneaton to Nottingham daily in 1977/78. My normal train was a Class 120 cross country DMU which ran on a Birmingham New Street to Nottingham service via Leicester. One Monday morning I was very surprised when 40030 arrived at Nuneaton on 3 mark 1...
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    I have looked at XC on Monday and the Birmingham - Leicester stoppers have been cut. There are no additional stops added on the Birmingham - Stansted fasts. This leaves Hinckley, Narborough and South Wigston with a large gap in service outside the peaks where the Stansteds do sometimes stop. In...
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    RealTimeTrains website

    Looking tonight out of Glasgow and Edinburgh there are more classes now shown: Its not 100% on the classes below, but getting there. New classes: 156 (some but not all yet) 170 318 320 334 An excellent innovation, many thanks to Scotrail and Tom.
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    EMU/ DMU Set Formations

    There was a working I heard about a few years ago (in the classic era) when a 6 car (2x 3 car) Edinburgh to North Berwick peak service was split at North Berwick to return on 2 different services. The first set departed OK but when the driver attempted to start the engines of the other set he...
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    Transpennine Express class 350 to LNWR

    I cannot find a thread documenting the move of the Transpennine Express class 350 EMUs to LNWR so here is one. I will start by noting that I had a ride on 350410 today in full LNWR livery on a Euston to Stafford train. Any more transferred units to add? I think there are also some LNWR...
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    Postscript to this story. I was in Birmingham today waiting for a train to Birmingham International and my train was formed of 390107, so it didn't take long to fix it.
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    Class 222 at Crewe

    Post cancelled.
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    I saw it this morning just after 0900 at Nuneaton Station and it was indeed 390107 with 57308 attached to the North end. All over the holiday whilst it was parked the normal taillights were lit at the South end. A crew was getting it ready for its journey whilst I was there. I saw somebody get...
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    The station is locked up although that wouldn't stop anybody determined but they would need to scale a high pallisade fence to get on the track.
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    It was still there today with a Thunderbird on the North end. I think the Thunderbird was there yesterday but wasn't 100% sure. It is stabled on the up main but as there are no trains running today its location shouldn't matter. Tomorrow will be different so they will need to shift it. It's...
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    Walking by Nuneaton station this Christmas morning I was surprised to see a Pendolino in platform 4. I assume it must have failed on Christmas Eve and will be there until Friday until it makes it home.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    156503 is on short term loan/hire from Scotrail, it has released 2x153 which are on short term loan/hire to West Midlands Trains. This is only for a couple of months.
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    There was a class 1 142 working last night (Saturday 2 November 2019) when 142023 worked 1Y31 1903 Leeds - Nottingham as far as Sheffield platform 6 where it terminated and passengers transferred to 158795 on platform 7 to continue their journey to Nottingham. It was quite a surprise when we...