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  1. fgwrich

    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) Thread

    As the LSL Fleet ever expands, and as various posts are spread across several different threads, I thought it's worth creating this thread to keep track of LSLs mainline diesel and electric fleet, stock movements and repaints etc. Class 08: 08493 - Ex GWR BR Black livery. D3905 / 08737 - BR...
  2. fgwrich

    Dawlish Sea Wall (Section Two) Proposals Unveiled by Network Rail.

    As revealed by Network Rail today. This section covers the area from Coastguards to Colonnade breakwaters and includes the station area. Whilst I like the idea of the bridge, I cannot say that I'm a fan of it to be honest, with the rather bulky concrete "promenade" sweeping up the underside of...
  3. fgwrich

    Nine Passengers Injured as Diamond Bus Double-Decker hits Bridge in Rochdale.

    Thankfully none of the injuries are life threatening, and hopefully everyone will make a safe recovery. However that Streetdeck hasn't lasted long - I presume it was one of those originally bound for First Leeds?
  4. fgwrich

    Scotrail looks to procure supplier for Fife <> Edinburgh peak services from December 2020

    Apologies if it has already been covered before (or is buried deep in another thread - forum search didn't bring anything up). It appears that as a result of the the stock shortages affecting all the TOCs for the next few years, Transport Scotland has issued a tender for further stock - heavily...
  5. fgwrich

    37901 - Eastleigh Works

    Whilst browsing Flickr, I've Just come across this picture of a rubbed down and prepped for paint 37901 down in Eastleigh Works. Does anyone know who the former "MIRLEES PIONEER" is owned by these days (being an ex Pres loco) and when it moved down from either Leicester / Canton or St Leonards...
  6. fgwrich

    LNWR / WMT 350 on Tyseley this morning.

    I’ve just past Tyseley on my way into work this morning and there appears to be at least 2 cars from a LM liveried 350 down by the Loco Works side. Out of interest, Does anybody know which 350 it is and what it is doing down there? Thanks.
  7. fgwrich

    ScotRail's 158706 Extra Cab Horns

    A question for those who may know, I've just come across this picture on Nathan Williamson's 83A site. Can anyone tell me why the Horns were moved temporarily to up above the secondmans cab side?
  8. fgwrich

    GWR Class 166 Air-conditioning

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #11 split from this thread. I can't remember if it's been mentioned already or not, but are the 166s set to receive this Air Cooling system as well? I'm currently sat being roasted by the sunshine in 166205 with rather unsurprisingly it's windows are open because the air...
  9. fgwrich

    Grand Centrals Class 180s - Eastleigh Works

    Something that seems to have gone by virtually unnoticed, Can anyone tell me why Grand Central's 180114 Made a trip from Bounds Green to Eastleigh Works last week?
  10. fgwrich

    Goodnight Mr Bond. Roger Moore KBE Passes Away.

    Very sorry to see the brilliant Roger Moore has passed away today at the age of 89 after a short battle with Cancer. Rest In Piece The Saint.
  11. fgwrich

    Poll. New Deckers of 2016 - Your Thoughts

    Travelling through Oxford this afternoon, I had the choice and luxury of one of Stagecoach's new 66 plate Enviro 400 MMCs. I later used one of Oxford's Streetdecks and actually found myself being disappointed with it. Whether or not it was down to Oxford's specification or a feeling that Wrights...
  12. fgwrich

    Trivia: Odd Old Station (or On Train) Items You Remember.

    A bit of an odd one this, and it's a thread I don't think anybody else has done before. So here goes, What items do you remember from either on stations or on trains from the past that you remember (and slightly miss). Oddly enough, I had a dream last night and a few NSE Flashbacks came up in...
  13. fgwrich

    Eurotunnel Receives Offer for GBRF.

    At the opposite end to the ever growing issues with DB, Group Eurotunnel has received an offer for GBRF. Apart from the livery - Version 3 of GBRF's livery includes the red and blue roundals of the Eurotunnel logo, I wonder what implications this may have for the 92 fleet...
  14. fgwrich

    SWT 455 In Eastleigh Works (Arlington)

    I've Just came across this picture of SWTs 455 - 5741 sat within Eastleigh Works without it's motor coach, does anyone happen to know why it is in there? I thought the re-tractioning was either to take place at Wimbledon or Bournemouth Depots, or over the road at the Arriva owned site...
  15. fgwrich

    CAF Confirms UK Assembly Plant

    New and possibly unexpected development from CAF. Apologies if already covered.
  16. fgwrich

    Places to catch Class 92s?

    I'm heading up to the midlands during this week, is there anywhere that's any good to catch some photos of Class 92s? I know they used to stable in Rugby, but I'm not sure if this still takes place.
  17. fgwrich

    Bombardier Receives Large Order for New Rail Vehicles & Maintenance - For Who?

    Wasn't sure whether to leave this one here, place it in the Anglia thread or another part of the forum but this this has just surfaced on the internet. Given the timing, Could this mean that any new stock for the Anglian Franchise will be procured from Derby? Or could this just be a European...
  18. fgwrich

    Lord Adonis to return to Rail & Infrastructure with new Goverment Body.

    First of all, apologies if in the wrong section - I did think about putting this into the infrastructure section. But this may be of interest to some / most. I wonder if this could see Lord Adonis making recommendation for new Rail based schemes in the future again and what they will likely to...
  19. fgwrich

    The Many Colours of 66048

    More than likely to head for scrap, and now painted black out of it's former Stobart livery, 66048 now appears to have gained some kind of 'Firework' colour scheme - quite probably it's last before scrap.
  20. fgwrich

    Wabtec Awarded Contract For £60M Class 321 Refurbishment Project.

    I've not seen this mentioned on here yet today, but Wabtec has been awarded the contract to refurbish all of Eversholt Rail's Class 321 EMUs to the same standard as the demonstrator unit 321448. Not sure which seating configuration this will result in - the Demonstrator had both refurbished...