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  1. Royston Vasey

    Hard copy Trainsplit/Raileasy COVID refunds - processing time

    Hi I booked an off-peak return on 4th March for travel 20-22nd April from Trainsplit (£108). Foolishly I collected the tickets the next day before it was clear that I would be unable to travel, meaning an automatic refund was out of the question. So, on 22nd March I filled in and printed a...
  2. Royston Vasey

    Excessing NSE discounted ticket to full fare

    Hi All There are one or two brief references in threads to doing this but quite old and not conclusive so I wanted to ask again. I hold a Network Railcard discounted Anytime Single from Royston to London Z12, TOD bought from Thameslink online and collected already (prematurely as it happens -...
  3. Royston Vasey

    Anglia Plus Day Ranger zones

    Hi all - I'm at a loose end at the weekend and I'm looking to cover some miles but need to clarify the area validity of this ticket. The National Rail and Greater Anglia websites both carry a map showing three county zones, the season tickets being available and clearly priced for one, two or...
  4. Royston Vasey

    Great Northern off peak return restrictions into KGX

    Hi all, long time no post! Want some help on the above. I'm trying to book an off-peak return from "Zone D" (Foxton) to Heathrow Underground with a Network Railcard. I intend to the 16.33 FXN-KGX on Thursday March 26th, and likely the 18.44 KGX-FXN on Monday March 30th. NRE and the...
  5. Royston Vasey

    313121 now in Network Rail yellow Wembley. Update published by Network Rail yesterday on its progress. Due to start work as early as this summer.
  6. Royston Vasey

    Quiz threads rant!

    Anyone else getting irritated by the volume of basically similar quiz posts (something only a small fraction of users use, but do so heavily) littering the New Posts search?? Quiz posts don't count towards post totals IIRC, is there any way that Station Code, Headcode Game, Guess the Bus...
  7. Royston Vasey

    Arriva liveried ex-London bendybuses

    Hi all I have no real interest in buses but I thought I'd take a couple of snaps of something I passed today and share them. I work at Milton Park, near Didcot, and sat outside a unit registered to a company called Total Vehicle Technology Ltd were nine bendybuses, apparently recently...
  8. Royston Vasey

    Dancing on Ice

    I think they owe First Great Western some royalties for their title sequence... skates weaving pink and blue dynamic lines against a deep purple background. Or is it subliminal advertising?! "Must... travel... to... Swindon" And no, I don't watch it!
  9. Royston Vasey

    HST in freight train consist??

    I'm currently (19.50 20th April) in Didcot town centre. Just now I walked towards Sainsburys car park from town and heard a freight train pass. Nothing unusual, but as I turned the corner to view the tracks I saw the low sided wagons in the consist heading east. However on looking a little...
  10. Royston Vasey

    Didcot to Margate via HS1

    Hi All I need to make this trip for business on 17th March, out and back on the same day leaving arriving by 9.30am. When looking at times for Didcot to Margate on National Rail Enquiries, I am given options only via St Pancras. On SouthEastern's own mixing deck, I am given only journies...
  11. Royston Vasey

    Belgian train crash kills at least twenty

    From the Independent/Associated Press: Belgian train crash kills at least twenty AP Monday, 15 February 2010 At least twenty people were killed when two commuter trains collided head-on during morning rush-hour today, officials in Belgium said. Dirk Pieters, the mayor of...
  12. Royston Vasey

    Evening peak restrictions out of Paddington?

    Hi all My other half is travelling this evening from Royston to Didcot via Kings Cross and Paddington. Leaving Royston around 1545 and hence leaving Paddington sometime between 1700 and 1800 (hopefully). Returning Sunday. Trainline and FGW sites both seem allow an Off-Peak Return on these...
  13. Royston Vasey

    "Emergency service dealing with an incident"

    FGW services between Reading and Paddington were heavily delayed this morning from about 9am, many cancelled and still a number of cancellations and delays even nowin mid afternoon. Anyone know what happened? NRE referred to "emergency services dealing with an incident" which didn't sound...
  14. Royston Vasey

    Kings Cross - Royston off peak return

    Hi all. Need to do this journey this evening, heading out from Kings Cross around 1645 and returning later tonight. Can anyone confirm if the outward portion of an off-peak ticket is valid out of London at this time? NRE suggests it is but I understood that off peak tickets out of London weren't...
  15. Royston Vasey

    Odd FGW HST formations

    Spent a lot of time around the GWML recently and have noticed a lot of misformed or short-formed HST sets. I know that the 7-coach sets with no buffet are used for the Oxford line, but I've seen these sets often on the west of Didcot stretch, obviously on longer journeys. Is this due to the...
  16. Royston Vasey

    Obama unveils high-speed rail plan

    CNN reports that Obama has unveiled TEN potential high speed rail lines for the US (if only we had the luxury of that much space!) An effort to get people out of the air and off the roads, and of course as part of the economic stimulus package. They are speculating about who might run them...
  17. Royston Vasey

    Have FGW renumbered 43053 to 43253?

    Some of you may have seen carlwestwood's thread here in the Photography Sites forum including Carl's picture here of what appears to be a renumbered 43253 being hauled from Brush on 7th April. My original thought was that it may have been renumbered by NXEC at an earlier date but of course it...
  18. Royston Vasey

    Euro Standard Return

    The last couple of times I've been to Europe via Eurostar (both in the last 12 months) and used the ticket office at Royston I've been sold a Euro Standard Return. This seemed to be cheaper than the Anytime Return (despite the fact that I travelled at peak time last time, on 29th December). I...
  19. Royston Vasey

    Landslip at Chinley

    Bit of a nightmare at Manchester Piccadilly yesterday evening. A landslip at Chinley meant no service between Piccadilly and Sheffield yesterday afternoon onwards ("45 minute" delays expected until tomorrow morning, which I suspect to be an understatement) and the coaches were in severely short...
  20. Royston Vasey

    Trainline - Lack of integration of different TOCs tickets and crazy routing

    I've been booking some tickets Royston to Manchester this evening for a Friday out, Sunday return trip in October. Searching the NXEC and FTPE sites, I can separately get a wide range of trains and fares from Royston - Doncaster and Doncaster - Manchester. Can get advance fares from NXEC and...