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    Focus on Covid-19 could be more damaging to other health issues

    Moderator note: Split from People need to read things like this discussing NHS England's change of heart... and a lot more commentary about this statement. watch...
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    Trivia: Most stations served nonstop to/from any station?

    but the thread is about the greatest number of stations served from places, so New St to Ashchurch counts, the Lichfield city starter is pretty well irrelevant.
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    Trivia: Most stations served nonstop to/from any station?

    non-stop from those stations? or even non-stop to them?
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    Trivia: Most stations served nonstop to/from any station?

    Don't forget the northbound Highlander, first stop? I now see it seems to pick up at Preston, I'm sure it used to be first (public) stop Stirling or somewhere else in the far(!) north.
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    Stations to avoid and why

    It's a very useful interchange, if a bit confusing sometimes (but no worse than Tamworth in that respect) and maybe the similarities are for the same underlying reasons. I've probably used it a dozen times in the last few years and don't think many of the complaints are justified. I don't know...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    OK. So why should it be "faffing around with a bike" when you are just loading your panniers instead of the car boot - or struggling off with it all over your shoulder? I certainly wouldn't be. Hence the reason why we used to choose our Swiss mountain campsites for their proximity to a railway...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    20kg in a bag over your shoulder? I trust you have access to a good back/musculoskeletal clinic then. I guess you only struggle with it as far as your car... My bikes have all been "lowest common denominator" and all then had a rack bolted on for about £10 or £15 (if that.) Panniers aren't...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    Really? Time to try the alternative then (unless the route involves station over-bridges with steps!) 20 kg is a seriously big load. When we were younger going on holiday by train I used to have to pick up my 45lb rucksack, give it to my wife then turn round (while she held it) to get it on my...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    Absolute rubbish! I wouldn't dream of trying to carry what I routinely put in just one pannier. In fact I still do it - regularly (as does my wife.) I'm on my second or third set of panniers (over 45 years) and have used them for touring and shopping - including daily up and over hills in...
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    Carrying shopping: By foot or by cycle?

    Mod Edit: Posts #1 - #14 originally in this thread. Have you really not got a bike? If you can do it on foot, then a bike makes it even easier as it carries all the load for you...
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    Ongar Aldwych and others

    I also got to Broad Street a few years before it closed: a weird desolate place and (I guess) not unusual in the last days of termini losing their function... I think I also did Liverpool Exchange to Preston (or somewhere else NE from the city.) You will see that record-keeping wasn't a...
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    Poll: Your predicted train travelling habits after Covid-19

    I already reset my life when I finished work, so I suspect there are 2 different groups of people with different sets of answers here. Those still working are going to have their own variety of answers. Those of us who have retired (and I am very aware of how lucky I am to be isolated from the...
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    Ukrainian Railway Ladies

    Thanks for that link, I had missed it. The third picture "Tetyana Grygorivna Dobronozhenko, 208km crossing, Smila station, Odessa Railroad" reminds me of the film "Closely observed trains," referred to on here within the last year. It's an excellent watch, and to this day I can't see someone...
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    Railway General Knowledge.

    at 60 miles (so a circle a bit under 20 miles diameter) you are probably right
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    Railway General Knowledge.

    Interesting. Was it an East London by-pass? / Grand Ceinture? If so, it's a long time before the Severn or Rotherhithe tunnels, so did they plan a bridge?
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    I'm surprised that even the AA are saying demand for road (and other) transport will be reduced says
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    How long can you have a break of journey for?

    Don't some tickets prohibit break of journey on the outward leg?
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    Sunny weather during lockdown - more than just a coincidence?

    Right on time, a newspaper article for you: says but goes on to say (my bold)
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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    Obviously it's time to remind ourselves what the (English) regs actually say: Nothing about not using a car there...
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    The White Rat

    Thanks very much both... googling led me straight to and it's interesting that people there also assumed (misremebered) that it was by Berna. Actually 'Line of Attack’ by Michel Bourguignon!