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    An MP wants your views: How would you rate your experience of using Great Western Railway?

    As a former regular user of GWR, I found the performance generally to be more than acceptable. The vast majority of journeys I made passed without a hitch, and when disruption was encountered GWR and its staff generally responded as well as they could in the circumstances. Unfortunately I no...
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    Stagecoach - Swindon - Trainee Bus Driver

    Generally drivers do a week of approximately similar shifts, but different duties, so the precise times do vary somewhat. Training hours are more fixed AIUI, the trainers seem to congregate at the depot from about 0730. After passing the test, new drivers will work with a mentor for a few weeks...
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    Stagecoach West/South West/South Wales - Fleet News & Discussion

    The 66 is being increased to run x15 mins at peak times, and there are some extra peak services on the 55 as well. Both routes should have a PVR of 12, which explains the requirement for new buses. The three newer existing gold buses, 15967/69/70, should be staying (presumably de-branded)...
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    Best place for a pint within view of a railway station/line?

    A bit further afield, Birrificio delle Officine Ferroviarie in Turin has a fine view over the approach to Porta Nuova station.
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    London terminals

    How about splitting London Terminals into geographical groups for ticketing purposes, eg London Terminals West for GWR services to include Marylebone, Paddington and Waterloo; London Terminals NorthWest including Paddington, Marylebone and Euston, etc. Validity to a specific terminus would...
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    Stagecoach West service 33 Gloucester-Hereford

    What you have worked out is correct.
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    Saturday return (CMN-BRI) outward break of journey

    If you're planning on buying online, then buy Carmarthen - Bridgend and Bridgend - Bristol day returns, which will save a couple of quid and allow break of journey. If you want something you can actually buy from the TVM at Carmarthen, then a Carmarthen - Weston super Mare Off Peak Day Return...
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    A sorry state of affairs for the Independent

    I think the Independent - and all other mainstream newspapers - might actually "have been that bad". I used to take the print-version Indie, and considered it quite authoritative - until one day I read an article on a subject I actually knew quite a lot about, and found it riddled with errors...
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    Hepham Station

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    Stagecoach West/South West/South Wales - Fleet News & Discussion

    As far as I can see the only bus scheduled to be at Yate is from 1044 until 1135. It brings drivers from Stroud and takes a couple back. The "extra" 620 bus goes back to Stroud in the morning and comes out from Stroud again in the afternoon.
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    Stagecoach West/South West/South Wales - Fleet News & Discussion

    Cirencester was indeed an outstation of Swindon, until it closed a couple of years ago. (Much to my disgust, as it was an absolute pleasure to work at). These days all Stagecoach routes in the Ciren area are worked directly from Swindon, with the exception of the 77, 50 and a couple of market...
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    Great Western Compensation scheme

    On the positive side, I've had a claim paid twice. I think they might be in a bit of a mess.
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    Sept. GWR delay-repay claim, first response Dec.

    I submitted, by post, two claims at around the same time as the OP, for journeys on 1 and 3 September. Having heard nothing, I emailed last week to enquire what was going on (giving details of my journeys so far as I could remember). Two days later I received an email telling me that the claims...
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    Wiltshire Bus Services

    Blunsdon had a half-hourly service by the 12 until TT's last major changes. Obviously the natives failed to support it sufficiently. I am surprised that no operator has stepped in to provide a replacement, or partial replacement, for the 64; it always seemed well-loaded when I saw it running...
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    [TRIVIA] Longest continuous use of same number for a service

    I believe Maidstone & District started their services with letters - then realised they would run out of letters fairly quickly and switched to numbers. So - IIRC - numbers 1 to 15 are pretty original, those that survive - 1 is now 101, 3 now 333, but I think 5, 6, 7, 10 (now Stagecoach 10/510)...
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    'Through' trains

    I'm not sure this thread is the best place to discuss this, but anyway... Nothing prevents anything being operated or advertised. If a route is 50km (31 miles-ish) or more it must be operated under EU drivers hours rules. This requires a digital tachograph to be fitted to the vehicle. These...
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    Buses Leaving Early: Argument

    To add to this, Traveline appears to divide the distance travelled by the time taken, and apportion the average speed equally between bus stops, based on distance (if this makes sense). I assume bus operators GPS, real-time or whatever systems do the same. A route I work has an off-peak...
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    Unfortunate encounter with train manager

    I wouldn't say your account reads as if you were particularly rude and agressive. However I cannot comment on this or on the conduct of the TM as I wasn't there. It'll be in the conditions of carriage that you must obey the directions of staff and hand over (not just hold out) a ticket for...
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    Preston to Swindon - valid via Newport?

    Although I cannot provide any evidence, I do remember reading, many years ago - before joining this forum or being aware of the routeing guide etc. - that journeys from Paddington (and points west) to the North West via Newport were considered "reasonable" by BR, I believe due to some sort of...
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    Language Mangling

    At least in your part of the GWR empire you are spared... "Weatherbury, Weydon Priors and Shottsford are request stops, and passengers for these stations, should ask the conductor, on the train, to arrange for the train to stop, to allow them to leave." (PS, not sure about the grammatical...