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    Grand Central HST or 180?

    from seeing a video on youtube one of the HST power cars have been up in Scotland for maintenance.
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    I see from a you tube video one of the refurbish were refused delivery after being vandalized with graffiti on it way up from Donny
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    Man falls asleep on Megabus service. Driver locks up coach with him still on it.

    i would say he done the right thing has he tried to use the emergency exit and been seen be anyone climbing out would they not of possibly phone the police and reported someone suspicious on the bus, resulting in the innocent man being questioned and possibly being cuffed and arrested while the...
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    Is it rude to attempt to reach the doors while the train is still moving?

    of course you should make your way to the doors, if you waited till the train stops and then fight your way through people getting on and off theirs also a chance you could have the doors closed on you, ask the person polity to move out of the way and if the refuse theirs always a thing called a...
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    Middlesbrough to London by coach

    Can I further suggest pricing Grand Central form Eaglescliffe to London may work out cheaper depending on times you want to travel.
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    they could continue to nsheilds anyway and use the crossover just before hylton street then change ends and come back to st james using platform 2
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    why should he go for the earlier train, a timetable is there for a reason to get him there. Nexus DB Regio and Metro have gone down hill since they took over constant delays, signalling problems trains breaking down it is time something was done about it and I STAND by my earlier comments that a...
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    Tyne Tees Ranger - planning advice

    I would go with Union Rooms for Lunch very nice from previous visits
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    Fake details to a ticket insperctor?

    They will have the correct details from checking her oyster card wont they so will be able to trace it to her anyway regardless of details given.
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    Filming on the Tyne and Wear Metro system

    Its been a long standing rule about taking photos or filming on Metro, probably due to safety issues you are allowed to film if pre approved and escorted by a member of nexus. There are certain people around who like to break these rules constantly and try to cause a lot of trouble for drivers...
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    surely it will be the responsibility of Allelys Haulage to pay for any damage as it was still in the possession at the time and not DBTW/Nexus. The Sky News article does suggest there was no damage to the Metrocar.
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    does anyone know anything about this crash or is it a load of dribble by this person yet again. http:// ooops yep it happened makes a change found it on sky tyne and wear...
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    East Coast emergency stop video

    pure idiot should of been arrested and charged with endangering the safe operation of a train.
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    Titanic II to sail in 2016

    somehow this give me a sinking feeling.
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    An Elephant sized gap

    Seaton Carew on the Durham Coast is the same a good drop when you get off the train.
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    Passengers trying to board before passengers can alight...

    i hate people who try to board before you get off on my local services when i use them. I usually if am at the front hold grab rails on both sides of the door so no one can push past till am off the train. Get some horrible looks off people but who cares.
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    its time for a public investigation into all these problems metro is having, Breakdowns daily a refurbished system that aint even working, Was it tested before even been handed back. Metro is now becoming very unreliable and glad i now have use of a car to get around.
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    "Interesting" reasons for non-operation of transport services

    ive had a friend using a local Go North East service rang up to complain and was told it was because of the amount of old people using this particular service and were not used to scannig there new consessionary passes on the machines.
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    Someone in your reserved seat

    simple move then ive paid for the seats from A to B whoever they are
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    Tyne and Wear Metro

    theres a video on a certain persons youtube channel of it being tested between depot and airport.