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    ‘Digital Signalling’ to be introduced on the ECML

    True, at least in Portugal passing stations at 220kmh was surprising the first time I took the Alfa Pendular to Porto.
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    The ultimate crayonista Europe?

    The Lisbon-Helsinki route is doable to a point - all that is missing are the tunnels/bridges from Stockholm via Mariehamn to Turku, which has been discussed. Rail Baltica is proceeding with Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius and I guess then into Poland. The Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel is at least being seriously...
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    What swings the balance for you between a direct service and one where you change?

    2 car 158s. First time I went in 1990 it was a 156.
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    Belfort to Paris 2020

    Agree. Lovely city. Trams, a couple of lines into the hills of Alsace, Germany and Switerland in easy reach, good food and wine. Also Paris on LGV Est if that takes your fancy too
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    Belfort to Paris 2020

    Did that route back in 1999, Paris-Mulhouse. IIRC, took about 4-4 1/2 hours, stopped in Belfort, Vesoul and Mulhouse; I remember it continuing on to Basel ?(don't quote me on the that). For some reason I always remember it as being electrified all the way. Anyway, just remember being...
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    Passenger power supply for PC's and mobiles.

    OK, yes I admit a bit of an exaggeration, but a potentially worn out/broken Li battery is IMHO still a danger, and honestly, if you've run a battery down to that state the OP then it really is time to dispose of it
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    Passenger power supply for PC's and mobiles.

    I'm actually more worried about a non-working battery, which either suggests that the battery management circuitry has failed (better option) or that the battery itself has failed (worse option). If the battery is close to the end of its life then you might start seeing problems. Lithium Ion...
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    What swings the balance for you between a direct service and one where you change?

    Surprised that no one has said "boredom". When I was in university there were a couple of Brighton-Cardiff options. The direct service was 4+ hours which was convenient but a bit boring. So I had the choice of cross London to Paddington (HSTs - exciting!), or the XC to Reading and then to...
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Mainly it is for reliability of communications - you can provide a single network end point and then route that using more powerful equipment over the 3/4G networks, else you get a few hundred phones constantly making cell handover and saturating the network with handover, roaming and other...
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    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Would London Road and Moulsecoombe in Brighton count - at least the latter is between a residential area and the university, though the public route is technically via the road bridge further down...
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    Brighton to Bristol direct service history

    This same question has come up a few times recently. I used it regularly in the 90s. Always a 2 coach 158, reversing at Temple Meads. Wasn't the fastest service and always full, sometimes standing even on the south coast already. Before this it seems it was a 155 and then replaced by a 156...
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    Is there a decent rail map that not only lists all of the stations but also lets you personalise it?

    Inkscape would be better as it is designed by vector graphics.
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    InterCity in the SouthEast during the 1980s

    I did this '89/'90 ... pretty sure it was a 156, though some sources say a 155
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    InterCity in the SouthEast during the 1980s

    Thanks! Forgotten about that one - seen it before. Very interesting, I remember taking the service from Brighton to Reading then changing to the Cardiff services - took a bit longer but avoided London and the Cardiff-Brighton train (a 158) was so boring and slow. Anyway, the InterCity train was...
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    InterCity in the SouthEast during the 1980s

    Over on Reddit there is a discussion about InterCity routes from 1985. There's also a link to Project Mapping: Routes 1985.jpg The question I have is that there...
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    Yep, that was more or less it...I went to school there a long time ago
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    German Railways - Lineside Signs.

    Finland uses the same idea: - look for the section: Nopeusmerkit (alkaen Jt1996) (Speed signs, (starting 1996))
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    Trivia: Nearby stations

    Newhaven Harbour, Newhaven Marine? IIRC, Bishtopstone can be see from the end of Newhaven Harbours's platforms (and by the above from Marine's too)
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    Trivia: Nearby stations

    Certainly Portslade is visible (and vice versa), don't remember being able to see Southwick though
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    TfW extends Welsh language announcements to 170 stations

    It is actually surprising to note how many places in the UK as a whole are Welsh in some form, eg: Dover, Kent, Edinburgh -> Dwfr, Caint, Caeredin. Then places such as Aberdeen, Glasgow are more or less changes in orthography/spelling