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  1. Melancholia

    Cotswold Line SDO for HST/IET

    As some of us know, most stations between Oxford and Worcester are too short to fit either HSTs and now the IET, requiring the use of SDO. What I find confusing is that there's different procedures at all the different stations there. I was wondering if anyone has a list which will show how many...
  2. Melancholia

    Spirit of Scotland on PRIV

    Hello. I'll be heading off to Scotland in May, and will be utilising the Spirit of Scotland 4 in 8 days Rover on a PRIV discount. I tried to buy it at my local station, but the only options it gives is fully-priced adult and child rovers. Is this rover only restricted for purchase in Scotland...
  3. Melancholia

    DOO ECS moves in passenger service

    I've always wondered why don't DOO ECS trains run in passenger service? I understand trains that require a guard or a train manager, but if it's DOO, why not use those moves as a fast service to another station? I also know some ECS runs require the trains to go through non-passenger lines, or...