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    Avanti salaries

    The driver recruitment is a one off. As back in the late 70's BR employed a load of drivers on the west coast at the same time and they are all coming up to retirement age at the same time. A driver friend of mine at Virgin told me about this a couple of years ago.
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    I didn't get the info from my interviewer, but my friend got it from his interviewer yesterday. So I thought I would share it and it also sounds like similar numbers of applicants to when Virgin East Coast did their failed recruitment drive a couple of years ago. So from a 1 in 15 chance, we...
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    15000 applicants, 1000 telephone interviews and then 200 put forward for OPC tests,but not sure how many jobs there are at the end.
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    Commute to your depot?

    7 minute drive,with 1 set of traffic lights. Shortest commute to work I've ever had.
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    Opinions are like backsides, we all have one. Let's keep this thread on track and good luck to all.
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    They called me bang on time. As others have said it was a relaxed conversation and fortunately, no curve balls thrown in. I had 10 different examples written out covering a range of experiences I've had and I got to use 5 of them to fit the question he asked. All in all very relaxed, it lasted...
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    psychometrics/ group bourdon

    Best advice so far and good luck.
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    GTR Trainee Drivers Hornsey/ Cricklewood

    Well done to all who have passed already and thanks for the positive messages.
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    GTR Trainee Drivers Hornsey/ Cricklewood

    Got my interview this Wednesday at Kings x.
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    NEW 06/03/2020 Thameslink / Great Northern Trainee driver advert for LDN Hornsey & Brighton depots!

    Not sure about shunter role.Paper tests are done at GTR offices or at a rented office space for the day. Computer tests are done at the OPC at Watford.
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    GTR Trainee Drivers Hornsey/ Cricklewood

    Just seen the email, thanks to this thread. Have sent them an email confirming my interest.
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    Weather Disruption caused by storm Ciara (February 9th, 10th and 11th)

    As a guard on LNWR ,I second that emotion. The amount of punters that treat Train Line as the bible, does my head in.
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    West Midlands train director sacked

    Problem with relying on rest day work since the summer timetable change, is that the people who use to smash the overtime(myself included) are so knackered from their normal work roster, that they are needing their rest days to recover.The company were told this when we first saw the diagrams...
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    No deal was signed 18 months ago.A framework agreement was presented to local level reps, this document gave an outline as to the future role of the guard and was a basis for discussions between WMT management and RMT company council reps. As LLC reps we were given 2 choices, vote to strike or...
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    Using Trade Union Roles on Application

    As above,steer well clear. I had a job interview with Chiltern Trains for trainee train driver and the interview was going really well and then in conversation I mentioned being a RMT LLC rep and how I had a good relationship with my manager.Despite all the good feedback at the time I didn't get...
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    Travel discounts for staff

    As a guard, I will let any member of the railway family on my train and send them to 1st Class. Unfortunately you will get the odd mardy guard who will go by the book, but when I travel on other tocs I make a point of finding and asking the guard ASAP and they have always been as good as gold.
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    GTR Trainee Drivers Hornsey/ Cricklewood

    Cricklewood depot is now up and running and they need more drivers. It will happen, but will take patience. Like Guinness, it will be worth the wait.