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    EMR Class 153 Future

    Not wanting to derail the livery thread - what does the future hold for the recently withdrawn Class 153s from EMR?
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    London Midland PCI Compliance

    On 25/7 I bought some tickets fro Rugeley Town (unmanned). The machine went through all the motions of printing tickets but did not actually spit anything out (I checked carefully). I used the Information Point where I was given a number to call to sort it out. I phoned the number, who...
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    London Midland ticket sale appears on statement as "SHIRLEY SHIRLEY"

    Any ideas why a ticket sold to me by a London Midland guard on Monday at Rugeley TV appears on my Amex statement as just "SHIRLEY SHIRLEY"? Confused the hell out of me when I saw it.
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    TOD - "any card" collection

    Evening all, Booking my tickets for the first time in ages using a The Trainline powered website, it indicates that tickets can be collected using "any valid credit/debit card" - is this true? I always thought it had to be the card used for booking?
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    Kells Transport Museum

    On a random jaunt through Twitter, I encountered one of the strangest things I think I've ever seen: Somewhere around 200 buses, parked and rotting away in a supposedly working museum. What the hell!? It would seem that the museum's...
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    Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, etc. Dies Aged 83

    Very, very sad news. Gerry Anderson was responsible for assembling a team who created hundreds of individual programmes which captivated children spanning several generations, before you go in to the grown ups and the live action programming. The success of his productions is pretty much...
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    Please Note that this bus stop is no longer in use.

    So, with the recent wave of changes throughout SYPTE land, my local bus stop lost its only service (the 7). SYPTE advise that Stagecoach Supertram run an alternative service on Park Grange Road, but the tram has run this way for close to 20 years, so why has it taken so long for this to happen...
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    Destination: London Zones 1-6 question

    Hi, I've always purchased Travelcards separately from any tickets, but on a forthcoming trip it might work out easier for me to book with Z1-6 as the destination (expenses related reason). Out of curiosity, how are these tickets issued? Are they a return with a Z1-6 destination, or do you get a...
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    Warning: Plusbus Tickets and EMT Collection Only TVMs

    Ordered a pair of tickets today from Red Spotted Hanky and went to collect them straight away. Used the EMT branded collection only machines at Sheffield which bought up my reservation on screen, and printed out all the tickets EXCEPT 2 Plusbus tickets. Went to the Ticket Centre where they...
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    Electron/Debit Cards

    Just to throw another cup of water over the fire of Visa Debit validity on-board - Halifax (the last remaining Electron issuer) have now started replacing Electron cards with Debit cards. My girlfriend received a replacement card 2 years ahead of expiry today with a note saying that the...
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    Travelling at the wrong time on an Off-Peak ticket

    My Googling skills are doing me a disservice today - I'm sure this has been discussed before but - what is the correct course of action for a passenger travelling on a train with an off-peak ticket valid for the route but not at that time? Excess? New full Anytime Single without discount...
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    "Crayford, this is Crayford"

    Sorry if I sound like a total n00b here - I ventured on to SouthEastern for the first time a couple of weeks back, and the automated announcer at Crayford did something a little alien to me - as the train arrived, it declared "Crayford this is Crayford". For whom is this of benefit? Is it a...
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    Failed Franchise Bids

    Is there a repository anywhere containing details of failed franchise bids? In particular I'm looking for material on Arriva's failed TPE bid.
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    EMT Ticket Collection Machines

    EMT seem to be installing Ticket Collection Machines (with no Purchase facility) at Sheffield. Sheffield has for far too long been way under-served in terms of ticket facilities, they could do with about double what they presently have! Picture to follow if I can get my BlackBerry to behave!
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    Sheffield - Luton Airport PW UPFN - Advice Needed

    Hi all, Would really appreciate some help here. I booked FC AP tickets online, valid between the above stations, starting on the 1127 SHF - STP, with a change at Leicester. I arrived at SHF in plenty of time, but there was a massive queue for both sets of ticket machines. I joined the...
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    Available but Unused Passenger Stock

    Simply, what passenger stock is presently stored/out of use but could be used once again in regular service? There must be a few Mk3s (CargoD? DRS? DBS?) which are not being used regularly at the moment. And then there's the SouthEastern and Silverlink 508s, which always bugs me when there...
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    Southern Rainy Day Refund Process Time

    I sent several forms off for refund at the end of July and still no action. Southern don't seem to respond via their only contact thingy? How long do they take in other people's experiences?
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    Franchises which failed to turn a profit

    Which franchises have/are set to not turn an overall profit over the franchise period? Obviously there's National Express East Coast, but is there any others? CrossCountry was described as "on the brink" when I first arrived here, and that was when it was subsidised. How about GNER's final...
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    Rail Travel Voucher

    After my First Class fail in November, I got a £7 Rail Travel Voucher from EMT. This has sat on my desk unused, since I usually prefer to book online (either with the TOC for a discount or TPE/SWT and get cashback). Now, my girlfriend's railcard needs renewing, can I purchase a new railcard...
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    Nottingham - Blackpool North Advance

    Riddle me this - Avantix Traveller shows advance tickets on NOT - BPN from only VWC and XC, neither of which are operators one would rationally use to get to BPN. Why don't TPE or EMT offer an advance here? Also, when are TPE's advance release dates? Planning a trip to Pleasure Beach for my...