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    GWR customer Host

    Hi georginaD, Between decisions I would say allow anything up to 4 weeks at a time, this goes for assessments, group assessments and the final interview decisions. When you are successful you will expect a date for centre assesments, these include listening, mathematics, group excercise and...
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    GWR customer Host

    Hi all and thanks for the information so far, I had a call yesterday with a conditional OFFER !!! YES :) They are sending medicals through the next 48hours with a view to start in Jan/Feb all being well. Now my next question, for CH role, what is done in the medical? D&A I'll fly through...
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    GWR Train Driver talent pool 2019/20

    Hi to all, I recently had an interview for Customer host, did everyone successful get a call? I had my interview 2 weeks ago and still nothing :( I have emailed and they responded "your application is still under review" is this normal? Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
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    GWR customer Host

    Where are you going to be posted? Thanks
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    Passed stage 1 conductor assessment 4 weeks ago...

    Hi Emma, 1st of all well done, I had an interview about 2 weeks ago. Does any one know if it's normal for them to take a while to respond? Or should I take the silence as a "we aren't interested" Should I be looking out for an email or waiting for a call? Any help is appreciated as my...
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    GWR customer Host

    Hi welshgirl, did you get the job offer via email or phone? Thankyou.
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    GWR customer Host

    Hi and thanks to the replies :) No there were no mention of Talent pools or waiting for positions, welshgirl was yours for Worcester, Bristol or any where else?. From what I understood there were quiet a few positions actually open at Bristol and Worcester. Does any one have the typical...
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    Hi KLL94 and thankyou for the reply, do you know what the interview consists of? With the...

    Hi KLL94 and thankyou for the reply, do you know what the interview consists of? With the medical, normal things like drugs, alcohol blood pressure etc?
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    GWR customer Host

    Hi Rail forum, I am fairly new to forum style questions, so here goes. I applied for Customer host in Worcester shrub hill, I did the assesments: - group question - listening test - maths test - another group test I was then successful in getting down to the last 5 chosen to do the PA...