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  1. JamesHorrell

    0Z57 Barrow Hill L.I.P. to Carnforth

    Just Wondering if anyone Knows what will be running on this, it says a its a Diesel but anyone have any idea which one??
  2. JamesHorrell


    Hi As i am going to Carnforth tomorrow for the first time i'm just wanting to know what type of freight trains go though the station? James
  3. JamesHorrell

    Specail Trains on 'Realtime Trains

    Hi anybody know how to get Special Trains on 'Realtime Trains' like charters etc as everytime i try i only get normal passenger trains
  4. JamesHorrell

    James Horrell Photo Updates - 37518 + 37075 on 0Z39 Ardwick T.M.D to KWVR

    Well I thought to make a Thread so that i could show peopel a few Photos plus videos of Specail Movements i see or Trips i go on: So the First one was of 37518 + 37075 on 0Z39 Ardwick T.M.D to KWVR | Thursday 15th November 2012 When 37 075 Went to Ardwick T.M.D along with 37518 both for...
  5. JamesHorrell

    Student Card.

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me as Tommorrow i have to go to York from Keighley and need to be in york for around 9:45am Now as i'm over 16 so i would have to pay £23.70 (which is the price Northern's Website says) but as i get the train to college which is at Skipton i get 25% off...
  6. JamesHorrell

    Yorkshire Railhead Treatment Trains (RHTT) Autumn 2012

    Hi Sorry if its been posted before but has anyone got the times for the Yorkshire RHTT this season and when they start as i did see them on a Facebook Group but i cannot find them anymore. James
  7. JamesHorrell

    Watermarking Images.

    Hi I'm wanting to start and watermark groups of images at once, but at the min i'm having to do one at a time which if i have a large group of photos to do its takes time, so i was just wondering if anyone knew a website or a free program to watermark big groups of photos all at once...
  8. JamesHorrell

    KWVR Autumn Steam Gala.

    Hi Just thought to share the newly updated page on the KWVR Autumn Steam Gala page on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway's Website. Just for anyone who can't see the page : (Taken from the KWVR Website). '"Step...
  9. JamesHorrell

    Keighley Station work - July - Mid August 2012

    Heres some pictures of some new things which are being put into Keighley Station which started in July and should be finished in a couple of weeks. 1. New Automatic doors on platfrom 2 undercover waiting room. 2. New ramp on one of two doors on the waiting room on platform one which...
  10. JamesHorrell

    Some Recent Pics of the KWVR.

    Just some Recent picture of the KWVR as i have been off the forum for a while but i'm back now so enjoy the pictures including some from the KWVR Diesel Gala in May. from today (21/07/12)
  11. JamesHorrell

    Can Mallard Steam ? Is Bittern Green ?

    Hi i know the title makes me sound stupid and i know mallard hasn't steamed for ages and Bittern is blue but me and my mate tryed telling the youtube user who uploaded this video states that the video is of...
  12. JamesHorrell

    Keighley and Worth Valley In Railworks 3 **NEW**

    Well I Thought to Share What me and 5 other Members of The KWVR Youth Group and that is to make a Add-on to Railworks 3 of The Worth Valley Railway. We So far are doing Well in the Making and to Keep up to date with the Mkaing and the Route please Like Our Facebook Page or Visit Our Website...
  13. JamesHorrell

    EC Service from Keighley to Doncaster

    Hi On Wednesday Me and Some Mates are Going to Doncaster. And as they is a East Coast Service Early Morning (Around 7:06) i was going to get on it at Keighley and Meet My Mates On It at Leeds and then Go To Doncaster. Now all i want to know is will i be fine buying my return ticket...
  14. JamesHorrell

    New Northern Service ion the Airedale Line In The Morning.

    Hi Has Northern Have just put a Extra Express Service on the Airedale Line from Skipton to Leeds and Return. Can Someone Tell me what Units are Running On it as i know it started yesterday but yesterday it was delayed after 8am (the train i get on) and today i missed it so i haven't seen...
  15. JamesHorrell

    Worth Valley Santa Specials - 3/12/11

    First off Sorry about posting this nearly a week late but i haven't had time to do it so here its is now. As i Worked on the Santa Train Last Saturday i was a steward and i got put in Coach A whcih was the coach behind the 4F. Here a Picture of The 4f Coupling to the End of The Train...
  16. JamesHorrell

    The British Gypsum Train

    Hi Just Wondered if anyone can tell me if the British Gypsum Train still runs on the Airedale Line, as i haven't seen it run though Crossflatts for the last 2 weeks so i was wondering if the train now goes a different route as it usally passes though at around 2:50pm-3pm.
  17. JamesHorrell

    The Boat Train - 27/11/11

    Well Went to See DRS 47810 and 47828 Pull the Boat Train which Stopped at Leeds. Here the Video of it in Leeds and Heres some other pictures i took of the normal trains which run into Leeds
  18. JamesHorrell

    NMT Train Though Keighley

    Hi Does anyone the time The New Measurement Train Pass though Keighley On Saturday as i've Been Told Between 12:30pm and 1pm and i want to know the time as i'm going to be Working This Saturday on The KWVR's Santa's Specials and if i have the time i can just ask if i can have a 5 min break...
  19. JamesHorrell

    Br Green Paint Codes.

    Hi Just Wondering if anybody knows the paint codes for the Br 2 Tone Class 47 as i have the yellow and i need to repant my lima class 47 as the paint has cracked as i think the first paint reacted with my weathering paint which is just humbrol but does anyone know the 2 codes and if i would...
  20. JamesHorrell

    The Scarborough Flyer Mini-Tour

    Hi I'm Just Wondering If Anyone can help Me out WIth This Tour. Well i've seen this tour advertised on the Spitfire Railtour Website and it is £10 for anyone who isn't booked on the main tour but what i want to know is, is this for a Single or Return Tickert from York to Scarborough as if it...