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  1. NoMorePacers

    Northern Promotional 156s

    Hello, Does anyone remember which Northern 156 carried the Ravenglass & Eskdale promotional livery when it had the old Serco colour scheme? I remember riding a 156 in November with this scheme, but I cannot remember what number it was (I have a vague recollection of a 15649x, but I can't put a...
  2. NoMorePacers

    Old Timetables

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any copies of First North Western timetables 2, 11 and 15 knocking around somewhere? I need these three as they are the only ones that I am missing (I've farmed the rest from the Wayback Machine). For reference, 2 was Manchester to Preston and...
  3. NoMorePacers

    Class 124 questions

    Hello, I just wanted to ask 2 questions about the Class 124s. Namely: 1) What services did they operate towards the end of their lives? 2) What units replaced them? I would be very thankful for any answers.
  4. NoMorePacers

    King's Cross to Liverpool Street - possible in 11 minutes?

    Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to get from King's Cross (from the train) to Liverpool Street (on the train) in 11 minutes? Just that I'm down there on the 14th December and I want to go between these two services: ->...
  5. NoMorePacers

    TPE Bolton Arrangements

    Why do TPE only do pick up/set down only stops at Bolton on their Manchester-Scotland services? It seems a little odd, that is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  6. NoMorePacers

    Did BR plan to electrify any further routes before privatisation stopped them?

    Hello again, I was just wondering if BR had any plans to electrify any non-electrified routes in the mid-late 1990s before privatisation occured? Just out of curiosity. That is all.
  7. NoMorePacers

    Pacers on Yorkshire Coast Line

    So, on Sunday, I caught sight of 144009 at Doncaster working a Sheffield-Scarborough service (this one: ) and it was rather odd, since there was a 170 stored in Platform 2 at Doncaster which seemed to not be doing anything, and...
  8. NoMorePacers

    Northern Class 321/322 Withdrawal

    It seems that 321901 has gone up to Heaton for warm storage, supposedly: Is this the start of the withdrawal of Northern's 321/322 fleet, or is it just a one-off for now?
  9. NoMorePacers

    Chatham Main Line door Operation

    Just one question, Where is the changeover point for DOO/guard operation on the Chatham Main Line? I know what it is on the South Eastern Main Line, so I'd like to know what it is for the Chatham Line. I was thinking it being at Gillingham, though I've also heard Swanley being stated before...
  10. NoMorePacers

    Carriage letters

    Does anyone have any pictures of these, past or present? Just for reference and curiosity really. :) If it's in the wrong forum please move it.
  11. NoMorePacers

    GWR HST in Derby?

    I came across a picture taken today, of a GWR HST sat in Derby, which I have attached below. Does anyone know what this is doing there?
  12. NoMorePacers

    IC225s on Leeds services

    Hi, Does anyone know if Intercity 225 sets still run on off-peak Leeds-London services? I just want to ask this for a trip I have in the next few days, so I can make a plan for it. Thanks.
  13. NoMorePacers

    Northern guard query

    While travelling up to Scarborough on Saturday, I noticed that in both directions the train had 2 guards onboard - on the way there for the whole distance, and on the way back south of Bridlington. It probably weren't an RPO as I saw both members of staff selling tickets and operating the doors...
  14. NoMorePacers

    NoMorePacers' occasional rambles

    Alright, after reading another user's trip report thread (cactustwirly's to be specific ;)), I got inspired to make my own thread, about my occasional trips on the railway. I don't get out much (my family don't have money to do it and my mother doesn't yet want me to go out on my own - that may...
  15. NoMorePacers

    Admin in railways

    Hello, My mother has over 10 years of experience working as an admin and is now looking to leave her current job. I would like to ask on her behalf if there are any jobs on the railways where there is an admin role. Thanks.
  16. NoMorePacers

    Hull Trains Class 802 Progress

    I've opened this thread because I haven't seen any other threads about this in particular yet. I believe they will be delivered at around November-December time?
  17. NoMorePacers

    What, in your opinion, was the best TOC of all time since privatisation began?

    I remember seeing a thread about the best operator on the ECML, so I decided to extend this to TOCs in general, with a poll linked down below. It most certainly won't be conclusive, as I doubt anyone has ridden with every single TOC to have existed, but it may be interesting*. Due to there...
  18. NoMorePacers

    Fictional liveries

    This thread is for your favorite fictional liveries on trains. You can make your own and I would recommend this. Show off your creations!
  19. NoMorePacers

    NoMorePacers plans to go pacer hunting

    With possibly the most ironic title in history, and with the recent trip report craze, 'am planning to travel. More specifically, pacers. Want to clear the Northern pacers before they see the cutting torch. Where can I get them, apart from in the Humberside area (because I can easily get those...
  20. NoMorePacers

    What is the oldest PSB?

    Does anyone know of any old PSB's? If so, what year was it opened?