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  1. nat67

    Chiltern September fares rise

    I was traveling on a Chiltern service yesterday and I bought my Leamington Spa-Hall Green ticket and I paid £5.15 rather than previous £5 which was the case last Friday. I asked the ticket sales person in the office and showed him the tickets I kept from last Friday and he was baffled, as was...
  2. nat67

    Chiltern Mk3 refurbishment work

    I understand that Chiltern want to refurbish the Mk3's in a way of keeping them for post 2020. From the 22nd of July the 1010 London to Birmingham and 1255 return will be a 168 as they are going to work on one set at a time. This means there will only be two day diagrams out during the week...
  3. nat67

    Current whereabouts of Mk3 vehicle Trailer First 11074

    Hi folks sdoes anyone know where 11074 has now gone to after leaving the GCR(N) and the 125 group? Thanks, Nat
  4. nat67

    Edinburgh, which platforms have barriers?

    Hi folks which platforms at Edinburgh have gate line barriers? Cheers Nat
  5. nat67

    1C18 0650 Derby-St Pancras will it be a HST or worse?

    Hi folks I'm planning to go to London on Sunday 10th March from Wellingborough and travelling on the 0650 Derby-St Pancras. It shows it's a HST to London but then works a Nottingham later and shows it's a Meridian. This is looking at RTT. I know there is engineering works between Bedford-St...
  6. nat67

    Remaining EMT HST services

    The EMT HST's haven't been listed as yet. And as the time is nearly here reporting sets would be useful.
  7. nat67

    XC class 170 at Wolverhampton

    This morning I was travelling to Cosford and at Wolverhampton was XC 170519 in the north bay platform. It was possibly doing some sort of driver training.
  8. nat67

    Rugby-Cosford via Tamworth

    I'm planning to go to RAF Cosford next week from Rugby and I wasn't sure if it's valid via Tamworth.
  9. nat67

    Caledonian Sleeper MK3 coach H

    Which coach is coach H on the Caledonian Sleeper on the 24th March 2016. I travelled on this service from Inverness to London Euston with 67009+73968 and 90045.
  10. nat67

    Work experience with Virgin Trains

    Hi folk's I have been looking for some work experience with Virgin Trains and so far I have been given an email address but no response so far. The person who is station manager at Rugby is Brian Grice. I have asked at Rugby to someone who I know works there on the ticket barriers. Can anyone...
  11. nat67

    AirFix discussion

    I like to do AirFix kits such as the Spitfire and Tornado. I still think AirFix should do some certain kits maybe this year such as the De Havilland Chipmunk and Auster AOP, plus some Slingsby gliders. What kits would you like AirFix to create for 2019 and what kits you favour.
  12. nat67

    36160 Stagecoach

    I have recently been on the 96 route from Rugby and to my surprise was 36160 which is a bus that I didn't know Rugby had even got recently. Can anyone give me some more info. It used to be with Leamington, transferred from Nuneaton originally.
  13. nat67

    RAF Tornado Retirement

    Hi folks I would like some information if the Tornado retirement will take place at RAF Marham on 31st March 2019. I have always liked to Tornado and me and my dad would like to see it for one last time still flying. Cheers Nat.
  14. nat67

    Off lease HST's.

    As no one has made a thread yet for off lease HST sets and coaching stock heading off lease over the next coming months it would be sensible to keep an eye out.
  15. nat67

    42576 Mk3 where is it now?

    Can anyone confirm if 42576 is at Eastleigh works (Arlington Fleet Services). And what is it doing there. Cheers Nat.
  16. nat67

    RAF discussion and so on...

    I was talking about going up to RAF Marham to see the Tornado for it's family & friends do so I could see it for the last time but not sure when that will be can anyone give me a rough date please. This discussion allows to talk about aviation in general, RAF or not if anyone is keen on...
  17. nat67

    RAF Tornados and their final few months & where to see them?

    Hi folks I would love to see the Panavia Tornado's before they are retired form active service next year (2019). What is the best place to see them I would imagine either Norfolk or Scotland. Cheers Nat.
  18. nat67

    Looking for a foot in the door

    Hi all I have just left college and looking to get a foot in the door on the railways. I have applied for Colas Rail, Network Rail and so far not been successful. I'm currently learning to drive which at the moment does really help me. Can anyone give me any more advice and any leads to people...
  19. nat67

    Chiltern 68's on Slam door set

    Hi folks does anyone know which 68's have not been on the slam door set from Marylebone-Bicester/Banbury since they started. as I just wondered if 68014 and 68015 have ever worked it. I know that 68008, 68009, 68010, 68011, 68012 have not sure about 68013 come to mention it.
  20. nat67

    Rugby-Widney Manor valid R1 restriction

    Hi folks I would like to get to Brum tomorrown and get a VT 390. Will this not be valid on the 0951 from Rugby as the 1051 is a Voyager thing.