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    Trivia: Most sparse platform at a major station

    Re Aberdeen. Platform 1 does exist and along with platform 2 is normally used for stabling 170s or 158s. Platform 1 is a short bay however and is easily hidden if platform 2 is full with units. Platforms 8 & 9. 8 has been resurfaced along with 7. A small part of 9 is used as access to the...
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    Union of South Africa -- future doings?

    Reported on ScotRail forum that Union of South Africa's mainline ticket expired today
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    From posts on Scot-Rail forum yesterday: 40622 is ex 41052 42007 42145 42564 Power cars 43030 / 43144 Credit is due to "SC43090" on that forum
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    Mill o’Keir Viaduct

    Post on another forum quotes Network Rail Scotland as reporting that one of the bridge piers has been damaged and that divers will be needed to inspect the submerged parts.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Missing from the list is the 19:16 on Monday from Aberdeen to Edinburgh which was consisted of a classic HST set (I was on it until Montrose).
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Now showing on RTT as terminating in Montrose 196 mins late at 10:03
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    Old posters at Wemyss Bay

    When Laurencekirk station was being refurbished prior to reopening, they found at least one original poster from when it was last open (1950s?). This poster is now in a display case in the waiting room on the Northbound platform
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    Great Train Robbery Confidential

    Kindle says not due out until 4th October. Pre ordered anyway. Should be a good read going by your last book.
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    The Stirling-Dunblane-Alloa Rail Electrification project has won an award from the Institution of Civil Engineers at the Scottish Civil Engineering Awards.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Another post on Scot-rail earlier this morning in response claims that the above problem with wheel slip protection has been "strenously denied" by the HST project manager. As to HSTs being out and about this morning, there is a classic on the first Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street service...
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    Caledonian Sleeper I'm assuming the Fort William portion of the sleeper is currently sat in Fort William patiently waiting on the line reopening?
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    Stations that stayed open for freight

    Coupar Angus closed along with the rest of the line to Forfar in 1982.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    1 refurb HST and 1 other (hidden behind the refurb) sitting idle (i.e. doing nothing to a non railway person) at Aberdeen just now. Meanwhile the 18:38 to Glasgow from Aberdeen is scheduled to be a 158 instead of the 170 which has been usually on it since the 19th August. Luckily I managed to...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Plumbing issues aside, the West Highland line is closed near Bridge of Orchy due to bridge/track problems. Bus replacement for for the sleeper south and probably for the northbound tomorrow
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    06:00 Perth to Inverurie this morning was a classic HST.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    It would be handy to find out the same info for the Aberdeen to/from Glasgow or Edinburgh diagrams as HSTs seem to have become endangered going south from Aberdeen after 6pm since the line to Inverurie reopened
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    No sleeper stock or 73s in Aberdeen when I left there just now.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Scot-rail forum says 8 coaches and two 73's sighted in Aberdeen this afternoon. This fits with what I saw when I left Aberdeen tonight as the sleeper empty stock movement from the carriage sidings to the platform was starting and there were a lot more coaches on it than usual.
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    Lineside Vegetation - past, present, and future

    Simple blurb on Buddleia... "Once buddleia begins to grow, its root system can weaken any materials it grows through, often resulting in costly repair bills or even properties being rendered unsafe/unstable/uninhabitable. If the buddleia is growing on riverbanks, it can cause major erosion as...
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    Railways and golf courses

    The more you look, the more you find. Kintore misses out purely because the reopened station is still under construction. Inverurie, Portlethen, Cupar, Insch, Huntly, Keith, Inverness and Elgin all have a course plus club house within 1 mile. Final one for consideration is Springfield in Fife...