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  1. Schnellzug

    Coming Soon: UK International Spaceport?

    Exciting news! "The UK could seek to build a spaceport for commercial use, a government minister has said. Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said the UK would aggressively seek to take advantage of the growth in space tourism - and that there was "an opportunity for us to...
  2. Schnellzug

    Hysterical Paranoia on the Megabus

    Four and a half hour terror panic on the M6 Toll Road when someone* was spotted pouring Liquid into a Smoking Bag. * what, do you think, is the likelihood that this someone may have been of, shall we say, non-European appearance? 8-) isn't it good to see that a "genuinely concerned member of...
  3. Schnellzug

    Three Minutes Past The Hour

    Something I have always wondered is why do bus companies give such precise timings in Timetables? You'll see things like "Depart 03 minutes past the hour, and scheduled at this stop at 09 past and that stop at 12 minutes past" and so on. Surely we all realise that it's virtually impossible to...
  4. Schnellzug

    The Official Olympic Song

    Well, has anyone heard the Official olympic song? By Muse, apparently. I must say, it isn't quite what I was expecting. I was sure it was going to be like Sir Gary Barlow's Jubilee song, with all choruses of multi-ethnic childred and so on, but actually it's rather pleasingly bombastic. I wonder...
  5. Schnellzug

    FGW 158 Randomisation

    I notice that FGW seem to be mixing up the formations of 158s quite cheerfully lately; the other day I noticed a two-car set, 52762-57745, and just today there was a three-car set formed 52751-52763-57764 on the Weymouth line (the end two cars of 158951 with a different middle car). The message...
  6. Schnellzug

    Map reading skills? Who needs them any more?

    Even the Army just goes where the sat nav tells them now, it seems ... :roll:
  7. Schnellzug

    Squeaking 47?

    Hello, everyone. I was just watching this video --> of 47851 & 47854 on Shap the other day. There does seem to be a sort of squeaking noise coming from the leading loco, as it's audible in both the shots. What might be doing that?
  8. Schnellzug

    If a Coach breaks down

    Good morning, everybody. The other morning, i noticed an NX coach outside Dorchester South Station, and it seemed a bit forlorn, sitting with the engine off and some rather bored looking passengers aboard. The reason for this, it soon became apparent, was probably related to a puddle of oil...
  9. Schnellzug

    wnxx to go subscription?

    I note that it says on wnxx... Another one bites the dust, then?
  10. Schnellzug

    The Olympic Torch Bus

    What? oh no!, you say, not more Olympics. Well, just to report that it appears that the Official support vehicles for the Torch appear to be provided, on the west country leg at any rate, by Stagecoach Wales with those Wright Streetlite things, I think they're called, aren't they. I across CN12...
  11. Schnellzug

    50007 Hercules?

    I see that there's an Appeal that's been launched to have 50007 repainted Blue and renamed back to Hercules. ( link , also accessible from I can't help thinking, there's about a dozen that are in Blue already, so why not keep one, that can legitimately carry something different...
  12. Schnellzug

    FGW Jubilee livery

    As seen here, courtesy of wnxx --> What do you think of that? I think it looks rather like one of those 'special edition' boxes of Chocolates they sell for things like Mothers Day, if...
  13. Schnellzug

    Tony Blair: The Country Needs Me

    The Great man wants to make a comeback, and has been giving Ed Millimetre the benefit of his wisdom, then. If he's so desperate to make a Comback, couldn't we sell...
  14. Schnellzug

    Go Ahead South renumbering

    Hello, all. I've noticed recently that Wilts & Dorset seem to be having a renumbering session, presumably in the interests of compatibility with other Go Ahead South fleets. The B7RLE/Wright Eclipses have changed from 101 upwrds to 2201 upwards, (the new 12 registered ones continuing that...
  15. Schnellzug

    How did this get past Health & Safety?

    Festivities on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen on Walpurgisnacht (the Harz Mountains being, of course, big among Witches). People dressed as witches sitting on the engines brandishing Tridents? did they do a Risk Assessment for that? :evil:
  16. Schnellzug

    Extra Trains for the Olympics, or not?

    hello, everybody. It said in the Paper recently, in one of the promotional pieces for the Olympic 2012 Games that the local paper often runs, that "South West Trains will double the usual capacity!" on services to Weymouth during the Olympic 2012 Games Event. Is there any truth in this...
  17. Schnellzug

    Class 73/2

    hello, everybody. I noticed this picture (Here) on a popular website, of 73207 in Large Logo livery at Tonbridge. My question is, were class 73/2s different in any way technically from 73/1s, or were they just renumbered to differentiate the Gatwick Express locos? So is there any need for...
  18. Schnellzug

    Revenue Attribution

    I'll put this here because it relates to charter Trains; What I was wondering was, if a Charter is terminated short & the passengers directed onto normal service trains, does the TOC get any revenue or compensation for the sudden influx? On another forum I was just browsing on, one train...
  19. Schnellzug

    Government, the Party system and democracy: do they actually work?

    I think everyone can agree that, while the CameronCleggCoalition has set new standards for ineptitude, this is certainly not a new phenomenon, and it is hard to think of any Government that, over the last half century or so at least, has either (a) had the faintest idea what it was doing, or (b)...
  20. Schnellzug

    Public Relations Manager of the Year

    I was browsing through the Dorset Echo website, and one of the stories was the usual load of flannel from the Council about the Olympic Sailing Events. (here --> ) Among the usual...