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  1. rick pike

    King's Cross Disruption 15 Feb

    I thought that a passenger train must have at least one vehicle with a parking brake in the consist. So Im surprised that they considered leaving it behind. Also the couplings are not the standard buckeye within a set of mk4s. Think it's called a tightlock.
  2. rick pike

    Engineering work on the Grimsby Immingham Light Railway

    Ulceby junction was renewed last year during the summer. Colas 56 ,the 66 and 70s hauled engineering trains. The tank and biomass trains during weekends ran via the light railway. Tis was a good summer
  3. rick pike

    Engineering work on the Grimsby Immingham Light Railway

    is this the marker? These are used to mark the entrance of the worksite. The exit boards have yellow flashing lights. The entry and exit to possessions have a stop board with a flashing red light. They can sometimes be placed miles in front of the actual work site. Earlier in January the...
  4. rick pike

    Engineering work on the Grimsby Immingham Light Railway

    Do you mean the light railway has a line block? Where abouts were the markers?
  5. rick pike

    Engineering work on the Grimsby Immingham Light Railway

    I think they were working on the mainline to Haborough. The light railway was just been used to get the trains into/out of the possession.
  6. rick pike

    4O05, 07:15 Birch Coppice Freightliner to Southampton M.C.T derailed at Eastleigh (28/01)

    Agreed it's a regular flow of rails usually it's runs as 6X01
  7. rick pike

    60006 cut up

    Sorry don't know how to do links. Just typed in "class 60 on test" on utube and the video you want is "class 60 trials at old Dalby 1990" Edit try this
  8. rick pike

    60006 cut up

    There's a vid on YouTube of a HEA with its coupling and drag box pulled out. Must have been one hell of a snatch and a flaw in the welding for that amount of damage to have occurred
  9. rick pike

    (Almost) gauntletted track

    The Eccelsbourne Valley Railway had some gauntlet track under a loading hopper/dock. There was a pic somewhere on rmweb of gauntlet track on a weighbridge in an industrial setting to allow the engine to bypass the scales
  10. rick pike

    60006 cut up

    Haha. They might be boxes on wheels but they look the business. After spending countless hours watching them working around Immingham Ive got a soft for them, feeling old now. Good bye tug 6 see you soon as a bean can.
  11. rick pike

    Flooding disruption around Sheffield and Doncaster (7 November onwards)

    Is this the first time Northern have run that way? I never knew Thier crews signed that route
  12. rick pike

    Flooding disruption around Sheffield and Doncaster (7 November onwards)

    Just seen on Tracksy a Doncaster to Scunthorpe aproaching Hatfield on the Skellow line which took me by surprise. How long have Northern been running that way?
  13. rick pike

    Most unusual luggage you’ve travelled with or seen on a passenger service?

    It was back in May during the last day of booked HSTs I saw a women carrying a stainless steel kitchen sink/draining board across the concourse at Paddington. I heard a story of how a Red Star Parcel office desk collapsed when someone tried to send a car engine
  14. rick pike

    67025 Leaves Crewe IEMD

    Good news. Aleast it's able to be moved by rail and not on the back of a low loader
  15. rick pike

    Caledonian Sleeper

    HST trailers can be hauled by other buckeye fitted stock but the train supply is different it been 3 phase and mk4s need a barrier vehicle due to different type of buckeyes. The end coach in a mk4 rake that couples upto the loco has a standard draw gear with a drop head buckeye but the rest...
  16. rick pike

    Caledonian Sleeper

    Post Deleted. Others described it better
  17. rick pike

    Caledonian Sleeper

    I know HST Mk3s have WSP do all MK3/4 coach's have it fitted?
  18. rick pike

    Doncaster avoiding line

    Off the top of my head there's the already mentioned Scunthorpe to Eastleigh rails and steal trains between Masborough and Hull or Goole
  19. rick pike

    Trivia: Locomotive names named after birds

    Not forgetting the Tinsley unofficial names on the Duff's. Cant think of any other diesels with bird names
  20. rick pike

    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Morning. I have just passed a colas class 56 and class 70 each end of a rake of auto ballasters in Doncaster Decoy, does anyone know what they are? And if anyone could tell me if 317671, 321336 and 321349 are working today that would be a great help thanks in advance. Rick Pike