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    Rail Community Officer powers

    Taking, or appearing to take, photos of security measures is one of the handful of things *specifically* highlighted in the infamous 'see it say it sorted' video messages, which play on public screens at major stations, including Waterloo. It's therefore not completely surprising OP was...
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    South Western Railway December 2019 Strike Compensation

    Yes, I know this is an old thread. Have just today been contacted! edit the website won't let me register though - "an unknown error occurred" edit again works now
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    Gatwick to Zone2 with oyster and railcard

    Ah, right you are
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    Gatwick to Zone2 with oyster and railcard

    The back office processing for contactless will already get this right (split OSIs where doing so gives a lower fare), so when Oyster moves to using that then Oyster users will benefit. However, it doesn't do railcards yet.
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    TfL Family Nominee oyster card - when can i use it

    Yes any time on TfL services (and some NR as advised). Your husband should be able to get you the relevant staff briefing.
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    Delayed due to incorrect passenger information - who to claim from?

    That's... a good point, actually.
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    Abandoned journey with a season ticket, is it delay repay

    Although on some occasions SWR twitter has said that season ticket holders who choose not to travel can claim DR. Don't think they said this this week but can't be sure.
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    Delayed due to incorrect passenger information - who to claim from?

    Back in 2019, on 27 December. Intending to catch 1Z14, the 1031 Great Western from Fratton FTN to Southampthon Central SOU, due to arrive there at 1108. On that day all TOCs in the area were having various minor to moderate problems, but I had tracked the unit due to form the 1031 on its journey...
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    Not happy with staff on Northern

    Ah yes, the classic Ifpology
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    Routings allowed

    Not sure why you'd get issues. From Horsham to Ockley you're doing part of a journey from Croydon to Ockley on a permitted route, so you're fine; and then from Ockley to Sutton you're doing part of a journey from Ockley to Croydon on a (different) permitted route, so you're fine again. It would...
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    Landslips on SWR network

    I know it's been raining a lot but there do seem to be an unusual number of landslips on the SWR network recently: - Between Ewell West and Epsom (a week ago) - Near Liss (last night) - Between Godalming and Guildford (just now) Also at Hook not much more than a month ago. Is it just the rain...
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    Bracknell to Canary Wharf

    That would mean interchanging at Paddington from the current NR station all the way down to the EL; it remains to be seen exactly how easy that is, or not. See for example for a cutaway diagram of the...
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    Bracknell to Canary Wharf

    Only you can know your personal commute time tolerance, and even then only through experience. Have you had such a long commute before? They are not for everyone. I will echo comments about the relative ease of using the Jubilee from Waterloo at that time of a weekday. Even though it's two or...
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    Free trial on GWR Oxford to London services for X90 passengers

    The first step (according to your link) is presumably the place where the eligibility check will take place: You can't just rock up.
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    Caledonian Sleeper delay and impact on missed connection

    I see you arrived Euston 5 minutes after your planned departure, bit annoying. Did they arrange acceptance like they said?
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    Should time restricted fares be abolished?

    This isn't a dichotomoy - surely the only reasonable answer is 'both, depending'. Services arriving at London terminals in the morning peak are enormously oversubscribed, and ideally people would be encouraged onto other services. Or, which is the same, discouraged from these services.
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    2020 fares release date

    For TfL, the Mayoral Decision typically comes some time in November Part of each published Decision is the Appendixes that have the actual fares.
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    Validation of Oyster card after > 3 years’ non use

    From the fare quoted, OP has a railcard discount loaded to the Oyster card. Contactless can't currently do this.
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    Strange Oyster refund

    There's all sorts of refunds you might get, and since this development you no longer need to 'nominate' a station: things get sent to every reader. If you're really interested...