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  1. D6700

    Raileasy London Intenational Tickets - "nobbled by ATOC?"

    I last purchased a ticket to London International (CIV) at the beginning of this month as part of a train trip from York to Croatia in a couple of weeks time. This afternoon, I wanted to check prices for a trip I planning for the following month, but found that London International was no...
  2. D6700

    Czech Grumpy Thrash

    On Sunday, unsilenced Grumpy 749039 substituted for the booked Goggle on the 09:16 Praha Vrsovice to Tanvald. I've uploaded some footage taken with my mobile phone during the outward run. Clip 4 is probably my favourite, due to the canoeists in the rapids combined with the solid thrash, after a...
  3. D6700

    37194 and 37087 - 2Q88 video clip

    I've just uploaded a short video of 37194 and 37087 working 2Q88 test train this afternoon:
  4. D6700

    37059 and 37610 departing York on loaded scrap train

    A clip of 37059 and 37610 departing York this morning under the roof, whilst working 6Z77 09:25 Stockton to Sheerness loaded scrap train. Not having a tripod with me, a pillar provided useful support for the camera.
  5. D6700

    EMT Red Dot Days

    I understand the next EMT Red Dot Days will be Sheffield on the 29th of December and Nottingham on the 30th of December. This information came from a very well placed source, but please don't shoot the messenger if things change!
  6. D6700

    Northern Ireland Railways - iLink

    Does anyone know if the iLink smartcard ticket is valid on the Enterprise services as far as Newry? The terms and conditions say they are not valid on "cross border" services, but Newry appears not to be served by anything else, except in the morning and evening peaks.
  7. D6700

    How things change, yet also stay the same

    Looking at some old haulage records this evening, I noticed that I used to include how much I'd paid for my tickets. On Tuesday the 14th of July 1998, I bought a Super Saver return from York to Birmingham, which cost me £21.80 with a Young Persons Railcard. That would make the full adult...