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  1. 90sWereBetter

    Tissue begging on trains

    Is it just me, or is this phenomenon somewhat getting worse in and around London? Just before Christmas I kept seeing this happen on various Thameslink and Southern trains radiating from London Bridge. This also occurred on the Northern Line between Tooting and the Clapham stations, a lady...
  2. 90sWereBetter

    Preserved buses which have since disappeared from the scene

    This thread is inspired by the unfortunate saga of GEX740F, one of three ultra-rare Leyland Atlantean single deckers new to Great Yarmouth. It was a regular on the preservation scene in the east of England for over 25 years in absolutely pristine condition. Sadly, the vehicle was purchased by a...
  3. 90sWereBetter

    DMUs running on one engine

    Yesterday afternoon I caught the 1658 Norwich to Lowestoft service home from work as both the A47 and A146 were buggered (pretty much typical nowadays sadly :(). The unit I had was 156412, sitting in the second carriage. When we attempted to pull away from Reedham it sounded like the engine in...
  4. 90sWereBetter

    The Prodigy's Keith Flint dead at 49. An absolute icon of the 1990s, 49 is no age at all. The Prodigy were on my list of bands I wanted to see, and now it's never going to happen. :( RIP Keith.
  5. 90sWereBetter

    Wherry Lines infrastructure and line speed

    Having used these lines a fair bit in the last few months, I have a few questions which may or may not cause some members to roll their eyes in exasperation. :lol: With the resignalling project ongoing, has any consideration been given to refurbishing or ultimately replacing the swing bridges...
  6. 90sWereBetter

    West Country and Valleys trip next week - allocations

    I'm spending most of next week travelling around the South West and South Wales, and as an uninformed idiot who lives over the other side of the country in Norwich, I was wondering about what I could expect on my journeys. I have booked or have plans to use the following services: The 1300 GWR...
  7. 90sWereBetter

    92 Stock pretending it's 1993 again

    Someone posted this photo on Twitter a few days ago (and no it's not an April Fools). Sadly from what I gather, this train didn't make it to its apparent destination. :'(:lol: There was a thread a few years ago about 92 Stock being used on the Ongar branch. It's got me wondering again, had the...
  8. 90sWereBetter

    Central Line alongside the M11 link road

    I spent a fair amount of time in Leytonstone and Leyton over Friday and Saturday and having stumbled across the stub which is all that remains of the infamous Claremont Road, it got me thinking: did the construction of the M11 link road cause any changes to the Central Line alignment? I'm really...
  9. 90sWereBetter

    Great Yarmouth carriage sidings

    The long-disused carriage sidings just outside Yarmouth Vauxhall station have been cleared of vegetation during the Wherry Lines blockade earlier this month. Are these sidings being brought back into use or being removed entirely?
  10. 90sWereBetter

    Bad day for Greater Anglia so far (21/12)

    Looks like everything's going wrong for Greater Anglia this morning. There's been problems with the overhead on the GEML between Norwich and Ipswich, a faulty level crossing at Attleborough causing havoc for Cambridge passengers, and now the Oulton Broad swing bridge has failed. :(
  11. 90sWereBetter

    Anglian Bus is no more

    As of Monday 20th November, the Anglian Bus name is consigned to the history books, with all remaining services folded into KonectBus. The pvr for Anglian has dropped from about 95 to, no joke, 18 in the last three years, with more cuts coming when the 61 and 85 come off at the start of January...
  12. 90sWereBetter

    "Alternative" media sites - your views

    The last few years have seen the growth of "alternative" news sites in opposition to the "biased MSM" (mainstream media), such as Breitbart and The Canary to name a couple. I was wondering what other members on here think of them. I have to say, having read some of the things on The Canary...
  13. 90sWereBetter

    Sir Michael Fallon resigns as Defence Secretary

    Do I hear the sound of a dam about to burst here?
  14. 90sWereBetter

    Infrastructure that will never be used again

    I was reading up on the history of the DLR, and discovered that the system reused an old railway viaduct between Mudchute and Island Gardens between 1987 and 1999. When the Lewisham extension was built in the late 1990s, the original stations were demolished and the line sent underground...
  15. 90sWereBetter

    London Underground urban exploration

    Whilst having a poke around for photos of the disused Holborn branch this afternoon, I stumbled across this urbex website which has a number of reports detailing clandestine visits to parts of the Tube network, as well as other metro systems. Whilst what they're doing is clearly hideously...
  16. 90sWereBetter

    Great Yarmouth Charter Academy

    Link to said document. Imagine being shy or on the autistic spectrum at this school. You simply wouldn't survive because Bazza Smith would destroy your self-worth. I am absolutely seething reading that document. Yes, there are problems with schools in Great Yarmouth but this is absolutely the...
  17. 90sWereBetter

    56004 in BR Blue

    Was this locomotive a depot pet, as from Flickr it seems to have only ever carried BR Blue during its career? It lasted in service until April 1999, and was eventually cut up at Booths in 2006. it seems unusual given pretty much all the other surviving 56s were painted in Loadhaul/Transrail/EWS...
  18. 90sWereBetter

    Greater Anglia cafe bar problems this month

    I've used the Norwich-London service a number of times this month, and it seems that the cafe bar cannot take card payments at present. Do any of the Greater Anglia employees on here know anything about this?
  19. 90sWereBetter

    Is there such a thing as a RHD mobile crane or roadsweeper?

    Perhaps a bit of a daft thread, but have there ever been RHD (right hand drive) mobile cranes and/or roadsweepers in this country. I understand why roadsweepers would be LHD, given that they're used to sweep gutters at the side of the road, but I'm not sure why mobile cranes are LHD.
  20. 90sWereBetter

    Norwich Crown Point carriage wash

    In all my years of catching trains between Lowestoft and Norwich, I don't think I have ever seen rolling stock going through the carriage wash at Crown Point. At what times during the day does it tend to be used, and does it involve a complex series of shunts, given it's at the end of a siding a...