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    Class 87 on the GWML

    So I had to do a double take just now as I’ve just seen a Class 87 at the loop near Hayes and Harlington with its pan up. It’s got me wondering, since the GWML has been energised, have there been any unusual AC locos or units running on the route. I still can’t think how it got there as I don’t...
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    York to London - Routeing Guide Journey Options

    I'm not too au fait with the Routeing Guide so apologies if this is a rather obvious question. I will be travelling from York to London later this week, and I'll be using the return portion of a London Terminals to York Anytime ticket. Looking at the Routeing Guide, maps AY, EY and KY are...
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    GWR Delay Compensation - Split Ticket with Season Ticket

    I’m trying to make a delay claim on the GWR website for a journey I made last week, but am finding it difficult to work out how I go about it. The journey affected was Paddington to Cholsey using a Reading to Zone 1-6 return travel card in combination with my annual Cholsey to Reading season...
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    Starting Short / Double Back using a Season Ticket

    Hello. I'm looking for some advice on validity of a season ticket. I commute daily between two large cities and hold an annual season ticket. Along the route, there is a small commuter station just outside of my origin station. A season ticket from this smaller station to my destination is...
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    Farnborough to Reading season ticket

    Hi Everyone. Firstly, I am new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong thread. Also, let me say that this is a great forum, full of good advice and interesting information. I currently work in Reading and am looking to move to the Farnborough area. My likely commute daily...