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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    Haymarket East junction was relayed over the festive period, caused a fair bit of consternation up this way with commuters.
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    Railway - Engineering, design & implementation

    Hi All, I see from looking at a few pages of threads in this particular forum section that a lot of posts and threads are geared towards driving, conducting etc. I would really love to hear from people on the forum who are involved in the design and engineering aspect of Railways. It would be...
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    Most failed/disappointing new stations/reopenings - and why?

    R.e Edinburgh Gateway, big plans afoot in terms of development between it and the airport. Tie that development in with the (hopeful) building of the Almond chord then that station will take on a whole new dimension.
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    Becoming a train driver

    Its very similar to the hearing test they administered (poss still do) at school, the noise they played was actually a passing train. Thanks for all the advice in general guys, as others have intimated, I am going to give it a shot. Accept that my condition poses a risk to my chances of...
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    Becoming a train driver

    Not in rail environment at present, as for hearing and associated tests, they are not something that phase me, when we got them regularly at school I regularly came near the top of the pile (in terms of diminishment/age, I am in mid 30's etc) and yes I can hear whats going on in my left side...
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    Becoming a train driver

    Next to none buddy, if you look here: What the wee kid has in that pic is exactly what I have on my left side. Missus was saying that technically it could be said you only have one ear and as that works fine you should be fine too, sure it will be that...
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    Becoming a train driver

    Quick question on the Health and Fitness aspect of this. I have a condition known as Microtia which means my left ear hasn't properly developed. Now going by the literature I have read, this would appear to rule me out of driving career as it states you need to have sufficient hearing in both...
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    Scotrail Trainee Drivers

    Edit - Moved to becoming a train driver thread.
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    Expansions for Scotland's rail network proposed

    I would wager as well that a good wedge of folk in Kirkliston aren't event aware of the proposed developments r.e the chord, and hence, are unaware that Kirky could be hooked up so to speak.
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    Edinburgh Waverley station

    Would still be a lot of work for a very small branch line, and I reckon there would be quite an outcry at the loss of walking/open space that that type of re-instatement would lead to.
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    Allegedly, the fault is that in a 7 car formation only the front 4 cars were breaking, the computer was not telling the rear 3 cars of the formation to break.