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    Trans Siberian - locos

    I'm off to China on the Trans Siberian (Trans Manchurian actually) in a few weeks. Does anyone know of a source of information on locos currently used in Russia that I might see ?
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    Zero point for mileage on the Ungerground.

    The Wikipedia article for Ongar station says that "the eastern buffers remain the point from which all distances on the London Underground are measured.". Some posts on here also say the same, but give no other information. Is it true ? If so, how does the mileage (or kilometerage) on lines...
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    DLR Class B2007 vs B2K and earlier stock

    I was looking at these units in Platform 5's UK Metro & Light Rail Systems book to see how the new units are different to the older units. It says that the B2007 have 4 motors of 130kW compared to 2 motors of 140kW for the B2K (and B92/B90). That's nearly twice the power for units which are...
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    60+ Oyster Card + Extension ticket- where to tap ?

    I have a 60+ Oyster Photocard and I want to travel from outside Zone 6 (from Fleet) to Zone 1 (Waterloo). I therefore need to purchase a ticket from Fleet to either Boundary Zone 6 or the first station in Zone 6 (Surbiton). I understand that. What I don't understand is where do I tap in/out...
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    Newbie - help appreciated

    I am a complete newbie with an interest in understanding the types/class of buses in primarily London, but also elsewhere in the UK. Where (online or in books) can I find current info on the types of buses that are operated and some details about them and their operations ?
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    Dorking Deepdene - TVM (Help needed)

    I need to give an overseas visitor directions from Dorking to Oxford. I have just three questions if anyone can help. At Dorking Deepdene, Google Street View shows a TVM at the bottom of the steps up to the westbound platform just underneath the bridge over the A24. I assume it is still there...
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    TfW Delay Repay: Ticket reference - HELP !

    I am trying to claim online with TfW. They ask for the ticket " Number" and "Reference". There is a button to press which they say will show you where to find these numbers, but the message "Content coming soon" is shown instead. I've attached the ticket. The number is 39823, but where is the...
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    West Midlands Trains services on Camp Hill line

    As far as I can see WMT use the Camp Hill line for two services a week: the Saturday 09:44 and Saturday 15:44 services from Worcester Shrub Hill to Birmingham New Street. I had always assumed that this was to keep up route knowledge in case of diversions. The line was closed to passenger...
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    South Wales freight branches - info please

    I was looking at the longer freight branches in south Wales and checking on RTT to see what traffic they had. For a few (see below) I could find (almost) no traffic. Does anyone know if they are effectively disused ? Machen Quarry - Newport (or Cardiff) via Park Jnc.: Found nothing Aberdare -...
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    Why were CrossCountry services diverted away from Pontefract Baghill ?

    I was watching Geoff Marshall's video about Ponteract Baghill today. Living in Somerset and not travelling through to York often, I had always assumed that some Cross Country services ran direct from Sheffield to York via Pontefract Baghill. In fact, now I check, all Cross-Country services are...
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    GWR: Availability of future dated tickets

    How can I find out when GWR will update the timetable to allow the purchase of Advance tickets for the Night Riviera on Monday May 20th? They currently have dates up to and including Friday 17th May loaded.
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    Camp Hill Line - passenger use

    I am not familiar with the Birmingham area, so maybe I am missing some obvious things. From Birmingham New St heading south X-Country trains can either: Leave the west end of New St and take the line through Five Ways/Selly Oak etc to King's Norton and then south to Bromsgrove and onwards, or...
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    Paddington to Birmingham services

    I was trying to get straight in my mind the modern (roughly diesel era) history of services between Birmingham and Paddington. The best I can do is below. Any amplifications, comments or corrections would be greatly appreciated. Items in italics added as a result of replies below. 1960...
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    Bristol TM - Are platforms 2 and the unumbered platform next to it ever used ?

    The title says it all really. I just went through Bristol TM and platform 2 and the south west facing bay seem pretty derelict. I couldn't even see number boards. Are they ever used ?
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    Coombe Junction reversal. Is it unique?

    On the Liskead to Looe branch most trains reverse at Coombe Junction. Two trains a day in each direction go the 200m or so past the junction to Coombe Junction Halt and reverse there. However, all other trains reverse at the junction and do not go to Coombe Junction Halt. The guard operates...
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    North Country Rover ... what's the 'code'

    I want to buy a North Country Rover from my local station (Fleet). Can anyone tell me what 'code' (or whatever) the staff will need to use. I'm just anticipating that not all staff know how to issue rovers and, even if they do, the ticket could be difficult for them to find.
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    CIV fares

    Anyone know where I can find CIV fares to London International to connect with Eurostar. The specific ones I need now are Fleet, Bradford Int. and Leicester. Many thanks.