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    Starting Training Monday !

    Starting as a Conductor with GWR on Monday morning ! Very excited to be starting my Railway Career and very much looking forward to my training. Thank you to everyone that has been supportive throughout the recruitment process and to the people that have posted tips and information along the way.
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    GWR Train Manager and Guard Harmonisation

    Hello Not sure if this is allowed to be discussed or not , I believe a few people are waiting for training and medicals dates awaiting this to be finalised between the two roles , any info on this would be great or potential time frames etc Thank you in advance
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    Successful Interview for Conductor

    Passed my interview for the Conductor role for GWR at Exeter St David's really excited to start and currently on hold for training dates , is anybody else waiting for this ? Or have any particular idea on how long the wait could be for available dates ?
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    Successful Interview for Conductor

    Had the long awaited call to tell me I was successful with my Conductor Interview earlier this week. Currently on hold awaiting a training date. Couldnt be happier! Would just like to thank all the tips and information on this forum, this is my first post but have read countless posts on here...