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    LNER to retain some Class 91s & Mk4 sets for a bit longer

    If they are indeed keeping them in service to dec 2023 heavy maintenance will now be required. This has been postponed due to the run down of the class.
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    Question regarding Class 68 loco noise level

    We don’t know the actual power consumption of the mk5s. On the class 68 once ets is activated a faster idle is required to supply the necessary ets voltage. Same as other ets diesels. I doubt very much mk5 day Coach aux loads are much different to any other comparable vehicle with a max of...
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    IETs (not) banned through Dawlish during rough seas

    This was proposed on voyagers but it changed the braking feel sufficiently that drivers would not accept dynamic brake isolation especially on a temporary geographical basis. Permanent isolation increases maintenance costs significantly.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs (Intercity Trains)

    Anglia not the only ones having to delay introduction of FLirts.
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    Under utilised class 67s

    The 201 head end power is ac 3 phase 415 v like hst but unlike hst is locked to 50 hz with an aux gen directly connected to engine. So idle speed is very high and corresponds to full engine rated speed. Traction is controlled by a separate alternator rectifier to control speed. Uk eth practice...
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    iPhone touchscreens on Class 800/801

    It’s probably due to the ungrounded plastic earth pin on most phone chargers. Most but not all laptops use a grounded charger with a real earth pin so might not be affected. The earth pin on most trais is connected to the train bodyshell and rcd is used on live and neutral pins. The ungrounded...
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    Ex LNER Mark 4 sets for TfW

    It’s never going to be cost effective to graft a cab onto a MK4 seated coach or add seats to a dvt and meet today’s safety standards. I’m sure such a mod would end up costing more than asking CAF to build some additional dtf’s .im sure the dvts will run largely unchanged.
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    I can see anyone refurbish these MK3's, especially as there will be plenty of MK4's available soon which could be used as a back up.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    The plan is Bedford cauldwell depot. Some roads reactivated for maintenance. It is a modern depot after all. Some 700s stabled elsewhere.
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    CL345 and CL710 have two speed traction motor blowers so they can be very quiet when under low load. I believe that 720 has the same arrangement but it might have gone into high speed mode due to repeated full power moves on Derby TT. SWR and WMT aventras have moved to self ventilated traction...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    Only locos with ar multiple working jumpers and eth. Also cab controls on dtf are based on 68. So reality is that only 68 and 88 or new 93 are fully compatible. 67 might also be ok. Locos also need mods for tcms system e.g asdo and destination indicators. Etc
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Why 350/2 when Abelio will want to cascade all their GA 360's refurbished onto Corby freeing up 222's. This is most likely scenario for Abelio.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Another option for "Modern Diesel trains stopgap" could be spare MK4 sets released from ECML through wired with AR jumpers and class 67's "power cars" maintained at Toton at each end. No DVT required as "power car" at each end. Meets PRM requirements and 125 mph capability and used as a stopgap...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    NIR3551 raised during testing on wed night related to ASDO operation on stock. Possibly reason testing on mk5 has been quiet of late. Affects other uk CAF projects as well. Mitigation in place and CAF working on long term fix.
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    GB Railfreight in 'locomotive acquisition' talks

    So, it looks very likely that they will be fitted with GM710 engines which have a similar speed range (redline 900 rpm) as the Ruston 16RK3CT and similar power output which keeps down the costs as changes to the electrical equipment would be restricted. The CAT C175-16 or C175-12 would have a...
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    Recent DRS new loco tender result for new Class 93 locos

    I believe is a 4 axle design based upon class 88/68 Eurolight platform. Reason being the platform has already been approved so approval process would be quicker see rail Jan 30 - Feb 12th Page 66. Karl Watts (ROG director) recons 2 years from order placement to delivery/service vs 4 years+ for...
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    Recent DRS new loco tender result for new Class 93 locos

    For class 93 reading between the lines of the press statements, where a bigger cooler group and 0.5 MW LTO battery pack mentioned, I’d speculate that a higher power CAT C32 is likely to be the engine of choice as space and mass is highly limited. This V12 is rated between 600 – 1800 BHP...
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    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    RE: Stadler Class 66 moves - not translator required. The class 66's are mechanically coupled to the 745's via a coupling adapter and 745 brakes are controlled by the Class 66 pneumatic brake pipe. These class 66's are not fitted with built in translators. The Class 745's therefore appear to...
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    Krupps Tunnel locos to St Pancras 1st November 17?

    Great stuff - nice photos. Wonder what the weight of a 373 power car is vs Krupps loco? Can't find the data but likely to be in same ball park! Anyway no need to spoil the view with a krupps at the buffers!