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    Abandoned journey with a season ticket, is it delay repay

    That's pretty harsh of them. If they don't run any trains then you can't travel but you still have to pay for a season ticket you can't actually use. But if I'd just bought a return I could get a refund.
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    Abandoned journey with a season ticket, is it delay repay

    Due to the great Hilsea signal fiasco my train into Waterloo up the Portsmouth direct was cancelled, in fact the next train to stop at my station was 3 1/2 hrs later than the train I tried to catch. By this time I'd long given up and gone home. Now here is the question, what can I claim back...
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    Upcoming SWR driver pay deal

    Would this be a good place to ask a question that's been bugging me. It keeps being mentioned that DOO(P) is in the SWR drivers contracts, but what is it? I (think) I know DOO is driver only operation but what does that extra P stand for?
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    According to RailEngineer 2 engines giving 780kW but after stripping off losses supplying 550kW to the traction motors - so over half (just about) the max output of the motors, the article draws comparisons to the 150 (are they about 426 kW?)
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    Is the idea to get a speed on diesel of 90 mph, which I think was the speed bandied about at the start of the project? RailEngineer had an article mentioning 87 mph which I guess is close.
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    Questions about the fuel for DMUs

    I believe only uniformed DVSA and police have the power to stop vehicles, at least for checkpoints.
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    Class 707 - SWT: Introduction into service

    I was waiting at the level crossing in Farncombe yesterday lunchtime (17th Feb) and was slightly supprised when a 707 trundled past. My wife was just commenting on how nice and new it looked. Looks like it was running empty from Petersfield to Guildford. I'm guessing it won't be a regular sight.
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    15/08/17 Waterloo derailment and disruption (latter likely to continue to 16/8)

    You remember correctly, SWT advice yesterday - Tuesday 15th was:
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    Woking Junction could get a flyover

    I think the idea may be to coordinate with Woking Council if and when they do the work on the Victoria Arch rather than Woking paying for the flyover.
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    South West Trains Testing

    Got the same email today which, explained why we had all be crammed on an 8-car yesterday and today. Actually got an annoucment on the train this morning but it just said "... due to a shortage of rolling stock at portsmouth this morning ..."
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    Merseyrail Stock

    The 508s had controls for the passengers to open (and close) the doors (like the 455s do). The controls are plated over but still easy to spot.