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    Trainspotting live on BBC4

    Just a heads up about three programmes starting next week from 11-13/07/16 at 8pm on BBC4 called Trainspotting Live. Topics included over the three days are:- The Trail Of The Workhorse:-Class 66 Meeting with Sir Kenneth Grange, the designer of the Inter City 125 A feature on Clapham...
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    TV Alert:-The trouble with our trains (29/04)

    There is a one off documentry on BBC2 at 21:00 on 29/04/15 to find out if customers are getting value from the £8 Billion of fares and the £4 Billion of public money that goes into the rail industry every year, should be worth a watch.
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    Electrification report 1930's style

    This is a report that recommends 1500 V DC electrification of the GNER and the LMS from Crewe/Liverpool Lime Street to Carlisle in the 1930's, hope you find it interesting.:D
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    The Railway:First Great Western Series 2

    There is a new four part series starting on Thursday 4th Dec at 20:00 on Channel 5:D
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    Gospel Oak to Barking Line (GOBLIN) electrification

    The first piece in the jigsaw, please see link.
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    TV Alert: BBC 2's Documentary "15 Billion Pound Railway"

    There is a three part series starting on 16th July at 21:00 about the Crossrail construction, please see link below:- Well it makes change from the World Cup!:D
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    Class 350/4 on route to the Northwest
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    The Railway: First Great Western on Channel 5

    The first of twelve installments is on 29/8/13 at 20:00
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    I thought I would start a thread that could go on for many years, this what I saw on two trips, one to Oxford today and another to Cardiff about four weeks ago. East of Reading Station there are around 30 OHL masts erected including several portal structures. The northern half of Reading...
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    Wootton Bassett Junction

    Does anybody know what improvments will be made to Wootton Bassett Junction under the Great Western Resignalling. As I'm sure most of you know that the Bristol Parkway turn off is only 70 mph and most trains have to slow down to take this route. I did see that Railtrack, yes remember them, once...
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    How Efficient is Steam?

    Does anybody know how efficient steam power is as regards to Diesel and Electric? We are told that an 25KV Electric train running costs are just under 50% of a Diesel train, also an Electric train running on 25KV costs 20% less than an electric train running on 750V 3rd rail, so how does 25KV...
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    Great Western Electrification

    There are two small articles on the GW Electrification on Railnews see links:- It states that they should reach Swansea by Easter 2018...
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    Manchester to Liverpool Electrification:-Wires Up This Christmas

    Have a look at this article
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    Changeover from DC to AC at Speed

    Does anybody know what is the speed limit for changing over from 3rd Rail to 25KV at speed, obviously Eurostar trains used to do this until 2007. So it is 2019 and you are on a train from London Waterloo to Weymouth and it is approaching Basingstoke, will the train have to slow down to change...
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    Woodhead Electrics to AC?

    In the late 1960's I remember reading about a proposal to convert a Class 76 to 25KV AC which did not happen of coarse, this was due to a shortage of AC loco's on the WCML. Seeing that we have three ex 1500V machines that only can run on the Tyne and Wear Metro in this country, if that is...
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    Might the Brighton Line be converted to 25KV one day?

    I found this on the RSSB website:- Any thoughts?