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    Legend to Hellfire brake/heating codes

    No-where on-line have I been able to find a key to the lettered codes displayed at left (cropped screenshot from Hellfire gensheet). I have managed to work out that the capital letters are stabling codes (45134 operates in the East Midlands, so TO would be Toton; EH is possibly Eastleigh), but I...
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    Timetabling Improvements in East Anglia

    Upon first hearing about the "Ipswich in 60, Norwich in 90" schedule on the service which I call the "IC3 East Anglian" (the intercity service on what was under LNER Table no. 3), I inferred that its primary benefit would be in enabling a Swiss-style timetable in which the principal...
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    Does anyone know of a PNG National Rail Map with reasonable file size?

    I am trying to make a map to show all the lines I have been on. I have downloaded the Project Mapping blue lines map & converted it to PNG, but MS Paint is not liking its large file size (52.1MB). Is there a map I could use that shows all lines & stations that has a smaller size when in PNG?
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    What is are the numbers on Class 455 destination blinds?

    Class 455s have blinds at the front indicating the route of the train (although this is rarely correct). These display a number at the end, e.g.: "Guildford via Epsom 16" "Chessington Sth via Wimbledon 18" "Kingston via Richmond 21" "Hampton Court via Surbiton 30" "Waterloo via Kingston 24"...
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    Call to Archive National Rail Station Maps

    Maps of stations, each accompanied by detailed & thorough collection of images, have begun disappearing from the NRE website. It is not a systematic process, but a gradual phasing-out of such pages when they would otherwise need updating. Most of the new maps appear to be from Some stations...
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    Lancaster's Timetable Abomination

    Planning a trip up to Glasgow, I noticed the following at Lancaster C on the Sunday table: TPE Glasgow Central - Manchester Victoria service 1M93 arrives in platform 4 (the Up main) at 10:40, & stays for 1 minute. 2Y09, a Northern sprinter to Leeds departs shortly afterwards at 10:41. This...
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    Concerned that staff at a particular LNW station may be extorting passengers

    There is a very concerning culture to be observed in the gatestaff at a particular station on the WCML between Watford Junction and Tring which I'm not sure I can name for legal reasons. I must also disclaim from guaranteeing perfect & complete factual accuracy of this post. I have had two...
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    Mr. Bean train scene

    When I watched the train scene of Mr. Bean as a child, with my autism I would be too focused on the details of what was outside the window. I have now identified it to be the Brighton mainline out of Victoria, so Mr. Bean is presumably catching a plane from Gatwick (the next scene is set on a...
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    Green's Norton Junction

    This is the LNWR's work (or more precisely the Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway's) near Towcester. Both single lines arrive at the junction, double, merge, & become single again. My only hypothesis is that this is preliminary work for later doubling of the line, which to my knowledge never...
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    My thoughts on the railway approaches to major urban centres

    When I was younger, I travelled Europe by rail (I wouldn't go so far as to say extensively). One of my favourite experiences was passing all the suburban stations on a wide (at least 4 tracks) approach to a city. These sorts of approaches are rather under-rated & all have their own individual...
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    Trivia: Minor stations on the approach to major stations

    Many major termini have one station on the lines out of them which is very small & usually receives fewer trains than most stations on the line: Queenstown Road (London Waterloo) Wandsworth Common (London Victoria) Queens Park (London Euston) Acton Main Line (London Paddington) Adderley Park...
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    "Filleted" announcements with non-essential information removed

    Announcements at London Waterloo drop "Platform" & "South Western Railway service to", so instead say "5 for the 15:53 Strawberry Hill via Kingston; calling at Vauxhall, Clapham Junction..." Waterloo has over 20 platforms & serves trains on long routes. Intercity trains here in the south...
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    Three-Letter CRS Station Codes: When were they defined?

    I recently been wondering when station codes were defined & have noticed some oddities which could be of interest, for example: Eltham is [ELW]. This appears to refer to the old Eltham Well Hall station. Eltham was rebuilt as a single station in 1985. There is a code for Belfast Central, but...
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    Whatever happened to the Inner South London line between Cambria Junction & Brixton

    Going to Denmark Hill recently, I noticed how there were so many trains on the Outer South London line, but only Thameslink trains, using the Cambria spur, were using the Inner line. Even the Lewisham trains were going on the outer lines, which is a strange choice, considering they then have to...
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    Very wide trackbed near Hounslow & Brentford

    The Brentford loop line between approximately X43 & X06 is much wider than it needs to be. It appears to be wide enough for 4 tracks & all the bridges are designed that way. An exception to this is a section that is used as a car park for a recent apartment complex. Also strange is a bridge over...