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    Train Timetable data older than 14 days

    I am looking for any sites like RealtimeTrains that hold train timetable data for a few months back. I feel sure there is such a site available but I cannot remember the details. I know Realtimetrains only holds data for a couple of weeks but I am looking for timetable data around the end of...
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    Transpennine Express class 350 to LNWR

    I cannot find a thread documenting the move of the Transpennine Express class 350 EMUs to LNWR so here is one. I will start by noting that I had a ride on 350410 today in full LNWR livery on a Euston to Stafford train. Any more transferred units to add? I think there are also some LNWR...
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    The Pendolino that didn't get home for Christmas

    Walking by Nuneaton station this Christmas morning I was surprised to see a Pendolino in platform 4. I assume it must have failed on Christmas Eve and will be there until Friday until it makes it home.
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    DRS Anglia set to Crewe 09/02/18

    I was in the Tesco car park next to the WCML at Watford today and noted a pair of DRS 37s top and tailing 3x Mark 2 Air Con coaches heading north. They were obviously an Anglia set but I was too far away to get the class 37 numbers. Looking on Realtimetrains I found this working from Norwich...
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    Unusual Power on Leicester -Lincoln service yesterday

    Yesterday (Monday 6 November 2017) I saw one of the 3 Leicester -Lincoln EMT trains was formed of 222 102. First time I have seen one of these services formed of a class 222. I saw it on 2L68 (1436 Lincoln -Leicester) and it was still on the diagram when I saw it again on 2T87 (2026 Leicester...
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    Whats the current status of 172338?

    I had a day around Birmingham today and noticed that 172338 was still missing in service. Does anybody know the current status of this unit which suffered a slight overheating problem a few months back :-)
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    Porterbrook orders another 20 Class 387 units

    I have not seen it mentioned on here but Porterbrook have ordered another 20 4 car class 387 units on November 2 2015, with no operator publicly named. According to todays' Rail Magazine the units will be dual voltage and due for delivery from October 2016 until June 2017. The only...
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    Coundon Road Crossing Box Demolition

    Coundon Road Crossing Box in Coventry is due for demolition and removal tomorrow March 16 2014. This gen is credited to my brother, who will be driving a tipper truck, carting 20odd tonnes of it away tomorrow night. I'm not sure if any of it is due for preservation, as I understand it was...
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    Huddersfield Barriers get Cat Flap

    Unexpected consequences of barrier installation at Huddersfield - Felix the station cat couldn't get through them so they were modified to include a cat flap! This story from the Daily Express raised a smile this morning...
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    Electric Spine

    In todays announcement of the HLOS and electrification details is mention of the "Electric Spine" incorporating the MML electricification to Sheffield and electrification from Southampton to Nuneaton. There is a map here published by the Dft showing this electrification with the other schemes...
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    Arriva takeover gets go-ahead from Brussels

    Deutsche Bahn have approval from the EU to take over Arriva suject to them getting rid of the Arriva operations in Germany. News here: From the Arriva press release: "Welcoming the announcement...
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    Wolverton Works Open Day Cancelled

    Just read on another forum that Wolverton Works Open day has been cancelled. Poor ticket sales blamed....... Full Statement here Calv ps Since posting this I subsequently found a thread running on the General Forum mentioning this
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    Nuneaton North Chord gets go-ahead

    Reading the London Reconnections blog today I discovered that the Nuneaton North Chord has been given the go-ahead by the Secretary of State for Transport. Previously the local council had rejected planning permission and a public enquiry was held in March this year. The Dft have now approved...
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    More Red Dot Days on East Midlands Trains

    East Midland Trains are running two more Red Dot Days shortly: Sheffield on December 30 2009 East Midlands Parkway on Saturday January 30 2010 More details here: Calv
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    £1.2 billion Boost for English Rail and Metro Services

    I was reading another thread today and came upon this news release from Railnews and thought it deserved wider attention. I don't recall seeing all these schemes announced anywhere else, although some are already known. Several schemes are metro/tramway related but there are also several...