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    Edmondson Ticket Dating

    Tickets being issued by BR which had been printed by LMS, GWR, SR etc. and even pre-grouping companies was very common. It was because the printers at the time would be instructed to initially supply hundreds, or even thousands of the requested type. Travel patterns changing over the years...
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    Does anyone recollect the use of folding aluminium freight boxes about 3 feet X two feet X two feet possibly something to do with "coleco"?

    I recall Collico boxes being in regular use as parcels by passenger train when I worked at a station dealing with a wide variety of parcels, livestock,etc. circa late 1950’s. Collico rented the boxes out to firms who used them to send items of value or which were vulnerable to damage or theft...
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    The aftermath of porridge.

    I use jumbo rolled oats, sometimes with additions such as all bran but always with a small dash of cinnamon. I soak them in milk overnight,(saves time in the morning) then microwave on high for 1 min 10 sec.
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    Trivia: What is the shortest heritage railway by length?

    The Fife Heritage Railway is also shown as 0.5 mile.
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    I spent several years sharing Christmas Day shifts on call with my colleagues on Merseyside. No third rail passenger services ran on Christmas Day and rarely did any engineering work take place. The 650v third rail was always live. Objects were thrown onto the track and live rail day and night...
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    Live Animals by Train

    At one time I worked in a town which held a large well attended weekly cattle market. On market day, a sharp suited representative from the Divisional Manager’s Office would arrive by train. His task was to talk to farmers in the market and surrounding pubs and try to obtain business for BR...
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    Live Animals by Train

    Unaccompanied dogs were very common throughout the UK, some would be going to mate. From one station I regularly dealt with dogs to Eire, which involved completing forms and working out charges for BR rail, Sea conveyance charge, Sea Surchage, Port Dues, Customs Clearance charge and Irish Rail...
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    Live Animals by Train

    I understand that Irish cattle traffic through Holyhead and Birkenhead, then onwards by rail, became the last authorised movements of cattle by rail on BR. All other cattle movements on BR had ceased. This also applied to sheep, pigs and goats etc. which used the same wagons. The wagon had...
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    Anniversary of Harrow Rail Crash

    I knew Alf Armitage when he was Station Master at Cromford, as I was door at Whatstandwell in 1960/61. We met for the odd drink from time to time when he was not ‘on call’ and I visited him after he moved to Harlington. I was privileged to be allowed to read all the documents Alf had...
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    Double line stations in the steam era without a goods yard in the station environs?

    Not Southern, but what about Whatstandwell on the Derby - Matlock line. (former double track main line to Manchester Central). Station on the Derby side of a short tunnel of 149 yards and the goods yard, sidings, signalbox and original station with low platform on the Matlock side.
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    I plan to travel on the Holytown - Wishaw line later this year and also the ‘Edinburgh avoiding line’ between Portobello Jcts and Haymarket West to complete my Scottish routes. I’m looking for a suitable hotel near Waverley for an overnight stay. Thank you @Highlandspring for your comments on...
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    Railway porters

    @Bevan Price. As a result of making a mutual exchange, I was SM at Thatto Heath and Eccleston Park for 5 months in mid 1965. When a SM vacancy occurred at Prescot, I was asked to cover that position in addition. I covered the three stations for a month before I moved to another SM position in...
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    Post Offices on railway stations

    Millers Dale for Tideswell; the junction for Buxton on the Derby - Manchester line, had Post Office when I worked on the line
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    Railway porters

    Hi andy873, In 1964 I was a Station Master/Goods Agent Grade 2. Having already worked at grade 4 and grade 3 stations. Supervisory Grades at that time were 4,(lowest) 3, 2, 1, Spl A, Spl B, then Management Grade. At my station I had two different hybrid grades. National rates of pay and...
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    Railway porters

    The hybrid grade of Porter/Signalman was not unusual on lighter used branch lines. They were paid the ‘mean’ rate of pay (half of the Porter’s rate plus half of the Signalman’s rate) Another hybrid grade that existed was Porter/Guard; in theory, any two grades could be combined to suit the...
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    Passenger Information Failings

    Bletchleyite, you are correct, Liverpool Central Low Level had a large illuminated destination board, immediately on the platform beyond the sliding pantograph gates. It was visible from the top of the stairs leading down onto the platform and I believe it had been there since early Mersey...
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    Trivia: Stations used by passengers after closure to scheduled services

    When Great Longstone station (Derby - Manchester Cen. line) closed in September 1962, a condition of the closure was that a local nurse would still be allowed to travel to work in a Buxton hospital. Mrs.A.Boardman, a family friend, was given a key to the station and had to telephone the SM at...
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    Running trains empty instead of express to get trains in position to recover service after incident

    The loco/unit will require a fitters inspection for fitness to run and cleaning to remove blood etc.
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    I still think it’s outrageous that NON-Safeguard Employees on the railway are NOT entitled to a PTAC

    I must agree with JerryNoah, the changes to staff travel conditions from 1.4.96. were a big blow to many (such as Railtrack staff) who joined after that date. However, this is nothing new and sadly the chances of obtaining a change at this late stage seem very slim to me. Union representations...
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    Complete list of Britain`s Preserved Railways

    Hello Shredder1, Thanks for starting this ever growing thread. Does the Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society count? Steam/diesel passenger trains of coaches/Brake vans running around TATA steelworks in Scunthorpe. Please add; Perrygrove Railway, Coleford Great Western Railway...