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    GA promotion ticket

    if I may tap the minds of those with fares knowledge... Searched for a return fare from Norwich to Stansted Airport this morning on brfares and there appears to be an extremely keenly priced ticket named GA PROMOTION NX2 available at £15. I can see it’s only for use on GA trains, and it is for...
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    Nene Valley Diesel Gala

    Just wondering from those who have attended this event in the past, how family friendly this event is? I’m not after fairground rides and children’s entertainment, but are there museums and displays to see to fill the gaps in between trains at the various stations? Also I’m aware that...
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    SG Staff travel inter-available routes.

    Morning, hoping one of you knowledgeable people here will be able to tell me if Moorgate to Kings Cross on the LU Northern line is classed as an inter-available route, so I can therefore use a dated box to travel for free? I’m fairly clued up with my priv travel, but the inter available routes...
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    Steam or Didcot Rail Centre?

    Mods, please move if in incorrect sub forum. In a couple of weeks my 6yo son and myself are heading to Monmouth on holiday by rail. Was just contemplating a break of journey and see there is the two museums mentioned in the title which could be suitable. Does anybody recommend one more than the...
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    Liverpool Street to Heathrow T3

    Bit of guidance required please. Travelling the titled journey with my better half, two young walking children, and luggage on Friday mid morning. Just looking at journey options, and three stand out. 1.Central line to Holborn then on to the Piccadilly, or 2.Central line to Ealing Broadway then...
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    Advice for tracking down lost rail pass

    My partner lost her RST pass a couple of weeks ago on a GA train. I have subsequently had an email from RSTL saying her pass is at Liverpool Street “lost and found”. Unfortunately I am struggling to track it down. I have been in contact with the Excess Baggage company at Liverpool Street who...
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    Down Chieftain to Up Sleeper

    Next month I intend to catch the Down Highland Chieftain at Aviemore to Inverness to connect on to the Up Sleeper to London in order to maximise my time on the beds. There seems to be plenty of time to achieve this connection on the face of it, but is the Chieftain reliable/punctual? Any...
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    Diesel shunters

    Are there any heritage railways that provide passenger services hauled by diesel shunting loco's? I mean regularly, not vice failed steam loco's? Elaborating on the above, are there any railways that have diesel shunter events? Thanks...
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    Connecting at St. Pancras..

    Hi, just wondering how much time I should allow to get to check in at Eurostar having arrived at St. Pancras from Stratford International on a Southeastern service? It'll be me and the Mrs with two young kids (no pushchairs) plus a couple of rucksacks. I don't want to have to rush, but equally I...
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    Norwich to Deansgate in late June

    Apologies for asking people to predict the future, but I am eager to get a cheap return fare from Norwich to Deansgate in late June. These tickets aren't on sale yet, but I am wondering if I should focus my attention on the direct EMT route, or the GA/VT route via London, given there is little...
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    Decent greasy spoon Aviemore station

    Be arriving on the sleeper into Aveimore. Looking for a hearty breakfast when I step off the train. Google shows cafes, but they seem to be coffee and cafe type of places... Any recommendations appreciated. Ta.
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    FIP coupon Netherlands advice.

    Morning. I'm travelling in the Netherlands using my coupons in the spring. One leg of my journey involves travelling from Zwolle to Ommen. I'm under the impression that this service is run by one of the private companies, so therefore my coupons wouldn't be valid. But I did run this past Rail...
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    RST discount on P&O

    Hi, would anybody happen to know what discount is offered to safeguarded staff on the P&O line from Hull to Rotterdam? I tried to use the website tonight to get a price but it is refusing to accept my Staff Travel Card number. Thanks.
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    Nottingham connection

    I'm travelling to Norfolk from Matlock on Sunday 1/10/17, and in order to avoid an hour on Nottingham station I intend to make a break for the 1550 to Norwich having arrived on 1543 arrival from Matlock. I know the minimum connection time for Nottingham is 8 minutes, but does anyone think my...
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    National Rail priv in Oystercard area

    So, last weekend myself and my other half turned up at Old Street station to catch a Great Northern service to Alexandra Palace. I had filled in a box, but my good lady wanted to travel priv rate. Now, since good old Boris has shut the ticket office here (and almost everywhere else from what I...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Here's a good one for the fare advisors... So I'm considering travelling up to Fort William from London with my son on the sleeper in the summer. Fine. But I am a Safeguarded priv ticket holder, and my son is 4, so does not yet have any facilities, he gains these at 5yo. I fully intend to...
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    Mid Norfolk Railway Gala

    I note there is a gala on at the MNR this weekend 29/30/31 April. Would anyone happen to know if you are allowed access to the platforms of Dereham station for this event without a travel ticket?
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    FIP coupons on ICE

    Is there a supplement to pay on ICE trains even if I hold free coupons? The rail delivery group site suggests it's not necessary but I'm sure I've paid some kind of supplement in the past. Maybe this was for reservations? I'm intending to travel from Utrecht to Düsseldorf but I'm struggling to...
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    Morning. Would any of you knowledgable folk happen to know if one can purchase a Plusbus ticket as a stand alone? I already have a valid ticket for my rail journey, but have now decided that it would be beneficial to my journey to have the bus add on. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Hi, Anyone know of a decent greasy spoon near Shrewsbury station? I've got a 40 minute connection there before I head down the HoW at 0900 on Saturday and I'm going to be in need of a bacon sarnie after a few ales the night before. Cheers!