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    More Northern Strikes Planned?

    There's rumours going around that there are to be further strikes on Northern in June. I can't find anything online so not sure where the rumours are coming from, but has anything been confirmed? If so, is this in relation to the dispute over the conductor, as all seems to have gone quiet with...
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    Transpennine Express staff availability issues

    Transpennine Express look to be having some difficulties today with traincrew availability. Is there some sort of unofficial dispute or do they rely a lot on overtime to cover the schedule and due to the Bank Holiday weekend fewer staff have volunteered?
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    northernchris' travels

    So at the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to ride every Northern DMU in 2018, and jus over 4 months in I'm doing appallingly bad! So with the great weather, and no peak restrictions today I thought it was the perfect opportunity to purchase a West Yorkshire train DayRover and see...
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    Cancellation of Last Train

    If the last train of the day is cancelled does the operator have a duty to ensure passengers get to their destination? Reason I ask is on Saturday the last Leeds-Ilkley service was cancelled and no alternative was offered.
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    Train Mileage

    I was wondering how train mileage is recorded, do units have similar recording equipment to cars? Is there also a way of finding out which fleet clocks up the most mileage ina year?
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    Northern Unit Shortage

    Recently there has been an increase in the number of cancellations and part cancellations caused b a shortage of trains, and the number of short forms is also at a high level at the moment. Do Northern have a higher than normal amount of trains out of service long term, or has there been an...
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    1023 Manchester Victoria-Blackpool

    Does anyone have an idea what unit type is booked to work the above service on weekdays? Looking at using it between Manchester and Preston but if its a solo 142 will look at the alternatives. Thanks in advance
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    Delay Repay Northern

    Back in January I was travelling with Northern when the train became delayed en-route. I was travelling from Leeds to Bradford on an annual MCard Zones 1-4, and eventual arrival in Bradford was 34 minutes late. I submitted a Delay Repay form online that night and received a response on Tuesday...
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    Platforming Trains

    At major stations it obviously takes a lot of planning to ensure platforms are available for trains at their scheduled time. However when trains are running with longer formations than usual is there a system which detects this and a new platform is needed? Only reason I ask is I saw a train...
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    Northern Units

    Seen 158843 this afternoon and it appears to have been renumbered 158884 although the carriage number remain the same. Is there a reason for this? Also is 150134 still around, as I haven't seen this one in ages
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    We Are Northern

    Saw 156443 in Newcastle earlier today with We are Northern vinyls promoting days out across the network. Then on my way back to Leeds saw an UID 158 at Neville Hill with same vinyls. Also had an email from Northern to say they are launching a new TV ad tonight - looks to be the first promotion...
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    Disruptive Passengers

    How disruptive do passengers have to be to warrant delaying a service for them to be removed? Was on a train earlier this week where this happened, and having witnessed the altercation was very surprised this course of action was chosen
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    Is 155342 away at the moment? Not seen it in around a month now and there's been a few occasions recently where other units are appearing on 155 diagrams
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    Train Incident at Bingley

    Whilst travelling from Bradford to Keighley this afternoon the train came to a stop just outside Shipley. After around 5 minutes we were informed by the conductor that there was a problem with the overhead power lines and shortly afterwards all power was off throughout the train. Further updates...
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    James Cook Station Officially Opened

    James Cook station was officially opened today by Baroness Kramer http:// Any ideas which 156 has been named?
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    Northern Rail Le Yorkshire Ticket

    Found this on Northern's website which is advertising a 1 day ticket for £9 and a weekend ticket for £14 on the 5-6th July for the Tour de France. However one thing I'm not clear on is does this ticket have to be used travelling to/from the event, or can it be used as a day rover type ticket? At...
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    Northern Rail Record Performance

    Seeing all the anti-Northern posts on the forum, thought I'd post this about Northern Rail recording their highest ever PPM at 95.26%. Given the age of their fleet, how intensively it is used and the complexity of their network it really does seem to be a good achievement for Northern and...
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    Northern Rail Repaints

    158861 is the latest Northern unit to lose its promotional vinyls on repaint. Have Northern changed their policy regarding these, as many showed off some of the fantastic places on the network
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    Wakefield Line Disruption 11/2

    Does anyone know what the problem was this morning affecting trains between Wakefield and Doncaster? Look North were initially reporting overhead line problems then changed to a broken down train. Even at 0700 this morning East Coast were stating disruption was likely to last until 1000 which...
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    MCO Crew

    Quite a few Northern services change crew at Manchester Oxford Road, and I was wondering if they are Piccadilly based crew and if so do they just travel pass on the many services between the 2 stations or is it more complicated? Also, do Manchester crews work the Liverpool stopping service from...